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Feds vs local police better job for job website

Feds vs local police better job

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Marshall Service. Federal Bureau of Investigations Federal agents get ready to search the apartment of a terrorism suspect in Aurora, Colorado. An example of this would be serial killings that would normally be above the specialty of a local police force. Central Intelligence Agency The CIA is a highly secretive federal police force whose mission is to collect and evaluate foreign intelligence in an effort to protect the security of the United States.

They may also be involved in covert activities in other countries at the discretion of the president of the U. They are highly involved in combating international terrorism and frequently work with other countries in that effort. Department of Justice. They investigate and enforce the illegal trafficking of firearms and explosives as well as the theft and the unlawful sale and distribution of alcohol and tobacco.

Department of Homeland Security The Department of Homeland Security is the third largest cabinet department and was created after the terrorist attacks on the U. But in the decades since, the court has routinely curtailed Bivens claims, and now views expanding the decision as a "disfavored" judicial activity. Because task force officers can be viewed as both state and federal officers, their hybrid status gives them ample maneuverability to avoid accountability.

Appalling lack of accountability Consider the tragic case of Jimmy Atchison, a year-old Black man who was fatally shot in the face while unarmed and hiding in a closet. Atchison was ultimately found and killed by Sung Kim , then an Atlanta policeman who had been cross-deputized as a federal officer. Appalled by the shooting, Atlanta soon left the FBI task force , one of at least five cities that have stopped cooperating with a federal task force.

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Yet last summer, a federal district court concluded Kim, as a task force officer, had nevertheless acted as a federal agent. That left the city off the hook entirely because municipalities cannot be sued under Bivens , only under Section For too long, joint task forces have acted with impunity.

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And I think trying to go local while applying to several federal agencies is currently the plan; my wife, however, is not very excited about the prospect of me doing night shifts for several years, THEN being gone for a 5 month training academy, THEN moving to some unknown location. I feel like this is a lot to ask of her, and if I could set my sights on one or the other, it could be easier on her--I could be an attorney and have normal hours while applying for a fed job, or be a LOE officer and not have any prospect of having to move and having to be away for 5 months.

Anyway, thanks again for all the thoughts. I really appreciate being able to take advantage of everyones' experience and insight. I can appreciate your wanting to look down the road a bit, i. But life doesn't often work like that. Especially with LE, you might be the most qualified applicant, but if the agency isn't hiring it doesn't matter.

Or maybe the mayor's son just flunked out of business school and needs a job. Bottom line, if you want LE, apply to everything that you would reasonably consider accepting. Cross bridges when you get to them. For example, a lot of people ask me about working for the feds, and when I ask why they haven't applied yet, they say "Well, I am not sure if I would take it". Previously, cyber experts were confined to intelligence departments only.

However, rapidly spreading internet activity means that local police departments, as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigations, employ cybercrime detectives to solve cases involving the internet. Narcotics Detectives Narcotics detectives are responsible to investigate trading activities for illegal narcotics at state, federal and local level, as well as to conduct undercover operations pertaining to them.

They look out for drug dealers who may be somehow engaged in the sale or purchase of illegal drugs. Part of their investigation involves tracking drug-related offenses that could reveal possible connections with illegal drug merchants. Narcotics detectives would also try and identify drug trafficking groups and often appear in court trials to provide testimony related to drug business and associated undercover operations. Source: Chron Sheriffs Sheriffs are senior police officers elected to the county-level position by members of the community.

Although their duties are similar to those of a police chief, what sets them apart is the elections that determine the sheriff. Even though their approach is no different from local uniformed police officers, they deal with county-level cases that lie beyond the boundaries of local police departments.

The challenge then involves contesting an election for the sheriff office. Source: Rasmussen College Fish and Game Wardens When considering jobs pertaining to law enforcement, people often overlook the fish and game warden jobs. Fish and game wardens aim to protect the wildlife of their assigned area, as well as the habitats of various animals.

They enforce the regulations that are in place for the protection of wildlife. Fish and game wardens normally work for federal agencies or state conservation departments such as the National Park Service and the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

They monitor fishing and hunting activities in their territories and are responsible for addressing relevant complaints. Not only do they enforce the regulations, but also patrol in the assigned areas to conduct research, investigate accidents and undertake rescue operations.

The criterion for selection for fish and warden jobs is pretty competitive. You certainly need a strong educational background as well as relevant experience to be accepted for this position. Make sure you possess an undergraduate degree in subjects like wildlife management, ecology, natural resource management or biology.

A degree in criminal justice may also be acceptable. Up to 2 years of work experience as a certified police officer would make up for a strong application. You may also be required to exhibit your survival knowledge such as first aid skills.

Fish and game wardens spend most of their time in remote areas, piloting boats and hiking. However, staying outdoors also means extensive exposure to heat, cold, snow and other extreme weather conditions throughout the year. However, fish and game wardens are heavily compensated for the risks. As far their work schedule is concerned, fish and game warden roles are often characterized by flexible working hours, depending upon the nature of tasks assigned and duty locations.

Their role is to enforce the immigration laws that are applicable in the country. Thus, you may watch a border patrol agent apprehending aliens who violated the regulations. In addition, border patrol agents also protect the country from terrorism by identifying and banishing foreign terrorists trying to enter or smuggle weapons of mass destruction into the US. Thus, they are routinely under threat from terrorist confrontations and other dangers. Border patrol agents also regulate legal international trading activities and travel across the country.

In this way, the role of a border patrol agent is pretty diverse as well as gratifying. Serving to protect the US from foreign threats, the agents have a sense of achievement and a feeling of satisfaction. Impressive moral characteristics, integrity, and professionalism are some key elements for this profession.

To be eligible for this position, you should possess work experience that clearly demonstrates outstanding leadership and decision-making abilities. Your accomplishments should also prove you as a dynamic team player.

Alternatively, you should hold a 4-year bachelors degree in any discipline. However, no less than 12 months of law enforcement training or experience is mandatory for getting accepted for certain levels of hiring. Other requirements to become a border patrol agent include being a US permanent citizen for at least 3 years with no criminal history, less than 37 years of age, holding a valid driving license, passing an entrance exam, appear for an oral interview and possess high moral behavior.

Source: Expert Voice Military Police Military police officers are employed by the US military department who regularly engage in crime investigation, law enforcement, safety and security of the country as a whole. Like many other law enforcement personnel, their role is subject to emergency calls at any point during the 24 hour-day. Apparently, their role is stressful as well as risky.

Military officers receive free accommodation, food, medical and facilities. Other military benefits include allowances for tuition and travel. However, military police officers have to comply with decisions made by senior military officials such as where they are to be stationed. Educational and professional requirements for the job vary from one branch to another but one thing is for certain: you need to be a US citizen holding a high moral turpitude.

Visit and inquire about the requirements of the specific branch you wish to choose.

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It's not a matter of rank, as local police and the FBI are separate organizations. An FBI agent cannot order a police officer to perform a task. almasky.co.uk › Miscellaneous. Difference Between FBI and Police FBI vs Police The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) is the Unites States government's domestic law enforcement agency.