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Job at twitter

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How would you test if the proposed change is effective or not? How would you combine two data sets? What features would you use to build recommendation algorithm for users. Find the median of a large dataset Given twitter user data, how would you measure engagement? Read more How would you improve the news feed on Twitter?

What if you were told by the CEO of Instagram to design a 'trending photos' feature? How would you go about it? What new products would I build to increase Twitter engagement. Describe how company Y should improve their primary product. How would you increase engagement of users with analytics features in Twitter. What's your vision for product X related to the role. What is an app that you feel works really well? How would you launch a social, fitness device?

What 3 changes would you make to the Twitter Product? If Twitter were to get into payments, how should they do it? How many logins are there in a day into Gmail? Become an Insider and start reading now. Redeem now There are over available jobs at the social-media platform Twitter right now. Allison Allen, VP of talent acquisition, shared what Twitter is looking for in tech-job seekers. She advised job seekers to come to interviews prepared and ready to collaborate. Twitter is adding thousands of jobs to its 7,person workforce.

The bulk of the social-media platform's open positions are technology jobs in machine learning, design and research, software engineering, data science, and product, said Allison Allen, Twitter's vice president of talent acquisition. There are over roles available on Twitter's careers site right now. Landing the job, however, will require navigating several technical interviews, including a virtual onsite with four rounds of questioning, Allen said.

These interviews test candidates problem-solving ability and creativity, which will prove useful on the job. The culture at Twitter will always be evolving. Allison Allen is Twitter's vice president of talent acquisition. Twitter Understanding Twitter's values Twitter employees live by five principles, Allen said: promoting health, earning trust, being straightforward, uniting profit and purpose, and being fast, free, and fun.