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Poelt training centres

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The email will contain a statement related to a strengths-based video interview - please disregard this and simply pick the most convenient time from the options available. During this call, we will look to arrange your start date and your attendance at Officer Apprentices OA Training. In preparation for your call, please be prepared to answer the following questions: Do you have a notice period?

If so, how long is your notice period Do you have your own transport and could drive or cycle to training if required? Would you be prepared to attend a residential course if required? Do you have any pre-booked holidays that could coincide with your training? An overview of the POELT Altogether, the POELT is a week programme that equips new officers with the skills and knowledge needed to begin their careers working in the prison service and rehabilitate offenders.

This gives us a chance to get to know you and any initial areas of concern you may have that we can help with. This is also an opportunity to see if you need any extra training or guidance. We provide a variety of ways for you to learn: from classrooms to team-building exercises, from lectures to hands-on problem-solving. The training has a very inclusive environment, centred around teamwork and collaborative working.

So, it's also a great time to make some friends and bond with fellow officers from different prisons. Another important part of the week course is ensuring you get the support you need in preparation for your new career. All our prison officer trainers are qualified, skilled, and experienced to deliver the training and they work closely with your personal mentors. How the course is run The week training course is intensive but we split it into bitesize chunks. We start simply with giving an overview of how a prison works, what life as a prison officer is like, and what to expect in your role.

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Altogether, the POELT is a week programme that equips new officers with the skills and knowledge needed to begin their careers working in the. 1. Where's the nearest POELT centre to my home? We get asked this question a lot, but we don't give out specific locations. This is because. You will complete a week prison officer entry level training (POELT) course before you begin your role. During the course new officers will be required to.