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Local loop unbundling jobs jobs with cruise ships

Local loop unbundling jobs

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What is the best approach to take, and where are the opportunities? The benefit of building for a particular vertical is focus. Startups are able to align execution to a particular type of work and provide greater value for workers in a specific industry. A vertical approach also means more focused marketing, sales, and user acquisition strategies.

And, in particular, COVID is an accelerant to new vertical platforms as nearly half of the US is jobless and seeking new, turnkey ways to earn income through end-to-end digital platforms. Vertical-specific platforms can excel in a few key ways versus horizontal products: 1. They turn non-producers into producers, i.

Many vertical-specific platforms support productizing knowledge or skills in new ways, thereby normalizing and broadening new paths to work. In other words, a vertical focus can unlock productivity and economic value, turning non-producers into producers. CALA , a platform focused on helping designers launch apparel lines, offers a software tool accessible to everyone from design students to fashion brands.

If possible, they will source the solution on-platform, because there is already trust and everyone wants just one login. Vertical-specific platforms for independent workers are closely related to vertical SaaS, which Bessemer and Lightspeed have covered extensively. The difference now is that the new SMB is oftentimes a single individual, who is able to operate independently without a team by leveraging software. In the local services vertical, Dumpling gives personal shoppers everything they need to run their own grocery delivery businesses, including a fully-funded credit card for purchasing orders, professional website, client-facing app, and business coaching.

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We are committed to creating the conditions that allow independent writers to flourish, which means helping to restore the infrastructure that has been eroded by the continued dismantling of models and institutions that once supported a healthy free press. Other services that employers typically provide include the comradery of a team, office space, and other vertical-specific functions for instance, in the case of Substack, editing, distribution, and design.

There is potential for work platforms to not only enable participants to earn money, but to ease the transition to independent work by providing these services. Interestingly, platforms supporting the unbundling of work are also giving rise to a re-bundling—in effect, creating new employers and organizations. On Substack, individual newsletter writers are already self-organizing into subscription bundles , and some are hiring teams and further professionalizing their content, effectively re-bundling into a new media organization albeit, with a significantly different cost structure.

As mentioned, the physical characteristics provided are based on CenturyLink's plant facility database. You will need to provide the names and telephone of each staff member that will be accessing the query. After your CenturyLink Service Manager has notified you that the necessary access permissions have been established, and provided you with your ID, you may then initiate the Digital Certification process. If the end-user's telephone number is a Port-Within telephone number also known as a Location Ported telephone number, you must use the address to perform an ADSL qualification.

Generally, Serving Wire Center is a term used to describe a Central Office that directly serves a specific geographic area of end-users. In this circumstance, there are no intermediary offices between the end-user and the Central Office. Contrarily, Host Office is a term generally used to describe a Central Office that directly serves sub-tending office s in addition to its own end-users.

For example, the Dry Creek, Colorado Central Office has some direct end-users and is also the originating end of the cable that fed the Tech Center in its remote status not as a stand-alone Serving Central Office. A remote is a piece of field equipment attached to the Serving Wire Center that provides capability that the end-user's distance would otherwise prohibit.

Thru time, if or when a remote grows to accommodate a significant number of its own end-users, it can be deemed a sub-tending office. A distinct cable naming convention is used when an end-user is not directly served by the Host Central Office i. The "EX" prefix designates the cable that extends from a remote to the end-user. Unbundled Loops are available when you are collocated in the same Serving Central Office that your end-user is served by. In rare instances where the facility between the Host office serving that RSU and the end user has been included in the Unbundled Loop cost models, CenturyLink will continue to make Unbundled Loops available to you to serve that end user.

These instances will need to be evaluated on an ICB basis, contact your CenturyLink Sales Executives for assistance if you believe you have such an instance. The Chandler Main AZ central office is one such exception. Unbundled Loops are available in Chandler Main when an "EX" prefix appears in the end-users distribution cable pair.

Border town cities are physically located and tariffed in one state with service provided from a central office located in a different state. The recurring and non-recurring rates for each border town are based on the tariffs of the state where the service is physically located. Taxes are also based on the end user's physical location, not the serving Central Office. In these exception cases, the tariff is the final source of authority for determination of recurring and non-recurring charges as well as late payment charges.

Ordering General ordering activities are described in the Ordering Overview. Service requests for multiple Unbundled Local Loops can be submitted on one service request to disconnect, move or change, if the Circuit Identifications terminate at the same end-user address. The requested ACT type must be the same for each loop on the service request. The following is information regarding each of the provisioning installation options: Basic Installation - Available for new or existing Unbundled Local Loops.

For an existing end-user, the basic installation option is the 'lift and lay' procedure. In this scenario the CenturyLink technician 'lifts' the loop from its current termination and 'lays' it on a new termination connecting to the CLEC. For new end-user service, the basic installation option involves CenturyLink Technicians to complete the circuit wiring and conduct the performance tests to ensure the circuit meets the required parameter.

Test results are not provided to the CLEC. For an existing end-user, the 'lift' and 'lay' process is performed. In addition performance testing is done to ensure the circuit meets the required parameters limits. Test results are provided to your designated contact verbally during close-out activities of the order on the due date. For new end-user service, this option requires a dispatch to the end-user premises. The CenturyLink Technician will complete the circuit wiring and conduct performance tests to ensure the circuit meets the required parameter limits.

The test results are provided to your designated contact verbally during close-out activities of the order on the due date. For an existing end-user, the 'lift' and 'lay' process described above is performed. Your designated contact is contacted on the due date to perform loop back acceptance test, accept the loop and exchange demarcation information.

Test results are provided verbally during close-out activities of the order on the due date. For new end-user service, this option requires a dispatch to the end-users premises.

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In the local services vertical, Dumpling gives personal shoppers everything they need to run their own grocery delivery businesses, including a. 1. A regulatory requirement that enables a competing telecommunications operator to use the twisted-pair telephone connections from the telephone exchange's. Unions have expressed concern over the potential job losses posed by LLU. According to Marius Croucamp, spokesperson for trade union Solidarity.