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Local photography jobs

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Looking for a local job We make getting freelance photography jobs way easier! Premium 2. But if it is? Download the app and get ready to shoot some great pictures. You may find that you can become a weekend assistant or support on the occasional job.
Local jobs in miami Users can save the jobs that really interest them while they craft the perfect pitch. Join as a photographer The Travel Photography Job Description Every freelance photographer in our network is selected for their amazing skills, warm personality, and local knowledge. We offer travel photography jobs to talented photographers all around the world. Fees: Journalism Jobs is completely free for job seekers. Fees: None!
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Most of the photography-themed jobs seem to be post-processing, but there are some product and real estate photography job postings on the site. Guru is a smaller site right now, but it is growing. Freelancer A basic account allows you to search and bid on a limited number of jobs for free, but subscriptions are also available at extra cost. Freelancer takes their cut from your protected payment. Most of the jobs for photographers tend to be post-processing. Pricing follows that trend.

A basic account with a limited number of bids is free. You can pay for an upgraded account subscription that allows more bids, or you can purchase extra bids as needed. However, this site is currently mostly centered on UK-based jobs. Like the other bid-for-jobs sites, a huge number of the available projects on PPH are for some form of post-processing or graphic design work.

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Actual photography jobs tend to be product shoots and commercial realty. Virtual Vocations This site only lists remote jobs. However, if you have multiple artistic and computer talents, this website is a good choice. A basic account is free, but to get the full benefit of the site, a paid subscription is necessary.

Search with keywords for open jobs. When you find some you like, save them and then either upload a resume or apply directly on the company site that the link opens — whatever option the link takes you to. A paid subscription lets you see more available jobs. FlexJobs Commercial work, event photography, portrait, nature, sports, and photojournalism jobs are listed on FlexJobs.

A large number of the jobs listed have nothing to do with photography, but the search categories can be adjusted to show only photo jobs. Photo retouching and video editing make up a large majority of the available freelance jobs, but the plus side is that there are quite a few new listings every single day. Fiverr Many of us already use Fiverr as the place to get our logos created, or have a website banner made, but it can also be a great way for a photographer to find work.

The work available is mostly video production related, and the competition is fierce, but it is a great way to gain experience in freelancing your talents. The payments tend to be on the low side, but the work requested is generally quick and easy.

From resume services to logo creation to marketing research, this website is one of the best places to find the services you require. Craigslist This is the classifieds. On Craigslist, you can find local and sometimes national job postings, either for permanent work or for shorter gigs. Free for everyone, you really need to verify any job listing you are thinking of replying to. Indeed One of the largest job search sites online, Indeed verifies jobs to avoid the possibility of scammers posting.

You can search for jobs, check company reviews, and apply directly. You can also upload your resume and have companies invite you to apply. You use these sites for finding more permanent positions. You might find a company needing a full-time product photographer or another one looking for part-time post-processing technicians. Monster Another very large general job search site.

Sites like Monster, Indeed, and Glassdoor post jobs in scores of fields and professions, so there is a lot to search from. The sites let you set search parameters to help narrow things down. Narrow your searches by geographic area, part-time or full-time, and whether a degree or license is required.

A lot of the contractor type of photo jobs can be found through the general job search sites. There are also going to be positions listed that may not be for photography only, but include being a photographer as part of the job, like market research or journalism. Glassdoor One of the other top general job search boards, many companies post on Glassdoor. It has a good reviewing method for job searchers to check out the hiring companies.

Search the website for photography jobs. You can narrow down the search by location or by full-time, part-time, or contracting. Glassdoor has quite a bit of helpful information from other job searchers — things such as sample interview questions, salary ranges, company outlook, and reviews of previous employees. All of those things let you decide whether or not to even apply to the job listing.

You can also upload your resume and save previous searches. Glassdoor then emails you when new jobs that match your saved preferences are listed. Photography Job Boards Get Photography Jobs A job search board, this is similar to picking up a newspaper remember those? Choose a location or enter keywords to begin your search. You can save the search parameters and have the job board email you new postings. Be as generic or specific as you wish. When you see a job description that interests you, click on the link, and that will take you to an application page.

There are no fees for the searches, but some of the jobs listed may not be legitimate work, so make sure to do a review search to protect yourself from scams. Photography Jobs Online You pay a monthly fee to post your photos of anything and everything to this website. It works more like a microstock than an actual job board.

Instead of receiving assignments, you shoot the type of subject that you are most comfortable with. Shoot lots of images of those subjects. Some ideas of things to shoot are local places of interest, or groups of people doing things like dining, shopping, or dancing at a nightclub. Then, upload your photos to the site. If the type of images you shoot are in demand, then you have a higher chance of people choosing them to download.

Payments are pretty low, but the luck of the draw will sometimes land you a decent payout. Industry-Related Job Boards The Creative Loft Purchase a monthly subscription and then browse the posted jobs. The opportunities are very focused, which is nice.

Primarily listing jobs in the U. Everything from making images of exotic cars for ad campaigns to taking headshots for business cards. One thing this site offers more than some other sites is job postings for videography and other projects related to filmmaking. The only real downside is that it is still a relatively limited job site, and you will be competing with people who are mainly well-established talents. Bring your A game, present yourself well, and give it a shot.

Journalism Jobs Photojournalism is a fairly specialized niche, not every photographer will enjoy photojournalism, and oftentimes employers ask for college degrees in journalism. Signing up for Journalism Jobs gives you access to photography projects that are solely in the journalistic fields. Besides searching jobs, you can also upload a resume and let the employers find you.

Cruise Ship Jobs With both free and premium services, if you want to work on cruise ships in any capacity, this site has the opportunities for you. As a cruise ship photographer, you would do many jobs — events, portraits, and even accompanying tourists on trips inland. You would also be doing most of the sales and post-processing.

If that sounds like your dream job, climb aboard! As with general job search sites, you search with keywords for the job description you desire. When you see something you like, follow the prompts to complete an application. Companies differ slightly in how they handle online applications, but you may be required to provide credentials such as professional certificates or licenses. The premium service lets you see more jobs then what are listed on the basic free account.

Stock Photography Job Opportunities Shutterstock A stock image site, Shutterstock holds your uploaded image and video files and people and companies come to the site to buy rights to use your images. With multiple images numbering into the hundreds of thousands, buyers have a lot to choose from. If they choose one of yours, you get paid. Individual payments with most stock agencies are relatively low, but they can add up over time.

The fun thing for you as a photographer is that you can shoot whatever you like. Stock Image sites will generally have tools for photographers to use to see what type of image is in demand. This changes constantly, so make it part of your job to update your images as needed. Images that are technically perfect stand out better than lesser quality images. Good exposure, sharp focus, pleasing composition — all of these things are important.

Stay on top of current trends and submit high-quality images. If you do that, your images have a better chance of making you some money. Getty Images This is one of the first online stock image sites and it has a huge number of customers. There are a huge number of images available, too, so the chances of your images getting purchased are relatively low per image.

However, the right portfolio of high-quality and unique photos can result in a steady extra income for you. A stock image site like Getty lets you concentrate on the style and genre you prefer, which is a plus. But the competition is always there in the same room with you, as it were.

Keeping track of current trends and offering a variety of similarly themed images are strategies that can help maximize your earnings. Companies That Need Photographers Airbnb This a contracted position that is basically real estate photography of staged locations. Airbnb is fairly particular about the quality of the images used to showcase the places offered for rent.

If you get hired on, work will be limited to host locations within your mile radius area. Be cautious before choosing a job offer, as this site is full of scammers or fraudulent Indeed The job offers on this site are genuine to apply for them right away, but you still need to be careful in some cases. You can upload your resume on the site and let the companies call you as per their requirement. You may find a full-time photography job or maybe a part-time post-processing offer.

Monster Websites like Monster, Indeed, and Glassdoor post jobs in different fields and professions. So you can search for your domain easily. Glassdoor It is one of the top sites for searching for jobs. Different companies post on Glassdoor.

So it is an excellent opportunity for people to approach their professional jobs by searching for good companies. Search the site for photography occupations if you have good photography skills. You can limit the search by location or by full-time, low maintenance, or contracting job offers.

You can upload your resume and save previous searches. Glassdoor then contacts you when the relevant job offers are available for your application. You can choose a location or enter keywords to start your search. You can save previous searches and let the job board send you an email.

By clicking on the job description link, it will take you to the application page. It will further connect you to the job link of a hiring company. It does not charge any fee, but it does ask for fulfilling some legal requirements in some cases. Photography Jobs Online You pay a monthly expense to post your photographs to this site. It works more like a microstock than an actual employment board. Rather than getting tasks, you shoot the kind of subject that you want to.

A few thoughts of things to shoot are nearby places of interest or gatherings of individuals doing things like eating, shopping, or moving at a club. Then you need to transfer your photographs to the site. The Creative Loft It offers a monthly membership and allows you to search for the jobs of your interest. This site usually offers jobs for videography and project-based filmmaking.

Journalism Jobs Photo-journalism allows you to take photography projects for the journalism field only. You can search for photo-journalism through the location. You need to upload your resume and let the company contact you. Cruise Ship Jobs This site has open doors for you. As a cruise ship photographer, you have many photography options, including — events, portraits, or accompanying tourists on trips. Search with keywords and get your dream projects online.

At the point when you see something you like, follow the instructions to complete an application. Companies vary by the way they handle online applications. However, you may need to give details, including your professional degrees or licenses. It helps you to see more job offers than what is available on the basic free account.

Shutterstock A Shutterstock holds your images and video records. Individuals and companies go to the site to purchase your photographs. With different images numbering into the many thousands, purchasers have a great deal to browse. If they pick one of yours, you get paid. Try to upload the best photos.

If you do that, your photographs can help you make money. Getty Images: It is amongst the first online sites for stock images and has a wide range of customers. Your portfolio and the quality of photographs matter a lot. Uniqueness is the only thing that attracts customers, so try to be unique in your work. You can choose your photography style and genre, which is a plus point on this site. By following the current trend in photography, you can earn a fair amount.

Airbnb: It is a website offering real estate photography. You need to take photographs of places available for rent. You can simply visit the site and drop your job application. Your resume should be attractive enough to grab the attention of the clients. Location in this job plays an important role.

Suppose if you are living in a famous tourist area, it will help you a lot. You can easily travel to your photography spot and can complete your job. Obeo: It is one of the largest real estate photography companies working in the U.

It offers contract-based jobs. You upload your portfolio, and then they will approach you for an interview, after which you have to qualify for a test shoot. Then the final step is hiring. This job is best for realty photographers. Stilio: It works just like Obeo but with a few different packages. Stilio hires you as a contractual photographer and then books a client for you. You then follow the contract and complete your job as per requirement.

You can earn a pretty good amount through this site and receive your payment on completing the job assigned to you.

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We will help you search and apply for your Photography job and career opportunities. art director jobs Photographer & Videographer - Local only. Apply for Photographer jobs in Thailand. Explore + new and current Job vacancies. Competitive salary. Full-time, temporary, and part-time jobs. Browse open jobs and land a remote Photography job today. See detailed job requirements, compensation, duration, employer history, & apply today.