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Here are 10 LinkedIn strategies, tools and tips you might not have known about, each of which can put you one step closer to a new job—or new career. Make yourself memorable with great stories. Recruiters and hiring managers are like anyone else—they respond to story-telling rather than mind-numbing lists of facts. Plus, research shows that stories can aid memory.

So telling a good story or two in your LinkedIn profile could make you more memorable to recruiters. Weave an interesting tale about your successes in the job, Gresham recommends. Most important, explain the problems and how you solved them, especially if you came up with creative solutions to important challenges.

Keep your narrative succinct; a lengthy yarn could be a turnoff to busy recruiters. Professionals at mid-career are often looking to reinvent themselves after years of working in a specific type of job or industry, Gresham says. Instead, focus your profile on where you want to go. Find your ideal jobs, then build your profile around those, Gresham advises.

And by all means, remove skills you no longer want to use in a job. Gresham says she once listed Facebook consultant among her skills on LinkedIn but deleted it when she decided she no longer wanted to do Facebook consulting. Keep it fresh. One way to keep your profile alive: regularly share updates on topics related to your field, just as you share updates on Facebook.

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Get visual. In the Instagram age, many people respond well to visual content, so whenever possible, make your LinkedIn profile more visual, Gresham advises. Have you won awards, or do you have impressive degrees or certifications?

Great—post photos of them on your profile, rather than simply listing them in text. Make yourself accessible. One common mistake on LinkedIn is not making it clear how others can reach you via email or phone, Gresham says.

Directly contact hiring managers and recruiters. Thanks to caller ID and overflowing email inboxes, contacting important businesspeople is getting increasingly difficult, notes Bob Bentz, president of Purplegator , a mobile marketing agency and a LinkedIn power user. C-level executives usually spend Sunday night preparing for the week ahead, and one thing they do is check their LinkedIn page.

You want the executive to see your credentials on LinkedIn and remember who you are. Build connections with industry leaders in your community, follow business news, get salary insights and discover a new career. Start your job search and find the workplace for you - whether in a welcoming office setting or from the comfort of your house when you work from home. Find part-time, freelance, or full-time, local or remote jobs hiring, and everything in between — you can search for jobs easily with LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is one of the largest social networking apps. Grow your network of business contacts, get the latest industry news, stay up to date with companies, and follow industry thought leaders. Get all the information you need, instantly. Find business insights on salary, company size and job responsibilities. Safely apply to any position with your resume or professional profile acting as your application in a few taps, straight through the app.

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Best paying jobs in tech One common mistake on LinkedIn is not making it clear how others can reach you via email or phone, Gresham says. Get all the information you need, instantly. Though unconventional, this tactic can help recruiters immediately understand what you do and will help your profile rank higher for that job at linkedin in keyword searches. Promoted job posts are also more targeted, so your job will be seen by more relevant candidates as well. He has been with Business News Daily and business. The cost of a promoted job post is determined on a pay-per-click basis, so it will vary from business to business.
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State of sc jobs LinkedIn members who include a photo receive up to 21 times more views. For additional ways to boost your job posts, you can check out our guide to social media recruiting and Facebook recruiting. Keep job at linkedin narrative succinct; a lengthy yarn could be a turnoff to busy recruiters. Just make sure your photo is actually professional. Find your ideal jobs, then build your profile around those, Gresham advises. With pay-per-click, once you set the budget, you only pay when users click your posting.
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Today, LinkedIn has over 15, full-time employees in more than 33 cities around the world. The platform is available in 24 different languages, from Norwegian to Malay. Though one of the first social media platforms, LinkedIn set out early to build a culture of inclusivity and diversity.

It has remained ahead of the curve ever since. Below are three aspects of its company culture that distinguish LinkedIn from other workplaces. Connecting with Colleagues The company regularly hosts so-called InDays, where employees are encouraged to invest in both their teams and themselves. At a recent InDays event, employees split into teams and engaged in a friendly competition to see which team could learn the most.

Parental Benefits LinkedIn offers adoption, fertility, and parental benefits. Based on feedback from new moms, it created lactation rooms at all of its offices, designed with an at-home touch. It also has an employee resource group for parents, which hosts talks as part of its Speaker Series.

LinkedIn gives every employee annual funds to use for goods and services that would make their lives better and less stressful, things like getting a massage, buying a gym membership, and hiring a babysitter. LinkedIn offices are also equipped with onsite fitness centers. Getting a Job at LinkedIn Before applying for a job at LinkedIn, see if anybody in your network used to work or is currently working for the company.

Before applying, make sure that you have a complete and fully updated LinkedIn profile. Those traits include: transformation, integrity, collaboration, humor, and results. When job seekers log on to the professional networking site LinkedIn and begin their daily search for work, there's one company they shouldn't overlook — the networking site itself. LinkedIn is hiring for over 1, jobs , many of them engineering leads , according to Loni Olazaba, the company's director of inclusion recruiting.

LinkedIn has embraced a flexible work model that ensures most open positions are either remote or hybrid. And Olazaba says the company has committed to building a culture based on five core values: transformation, integrity, collaboration, humor, and results. During the hiring process, Olazaba says, LinkedIn candidates need to be able to demonstrate they can embody these five pillars and fit the company culture.

Here's how anyone can demonstrate the five traits during the LinkedIn hiring process. Transformation The first LinkedIn pillar has three components: transformation of self, transformation of the company, and transformation of the world, Olazaba said.

One way candidates can demonstrate their commitment to transformation of self is by expressing interest in professional development and employee wellness programs. At the company and global levels, LinkedIn is looking for candidates who want to help the company and job seekers everywhere meet their full potential.