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Job at an airport jobs that are secure

Job at an airport

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I must say it is very busy work environment. Our main goal is for passengers to have a safe and comfortable journey. I think a job as a ground staff is hectic, but I enjoy being responsible for this job. You encounter different culture every day, it almost feels like living abroad.

We only handle international destination. That means we handle foreign airlines only. Since we have passengers with many different backgrounds, we also have staffs from all over the world. You will hear not only English but also Chinese, French etc in our office. It's my greatest pleasure to meet passengers from around the world every day.

The destination that passengers are traveling to is vary. Air Traffic Controller Air traffic controllers hold highly specialized positions and must complete extensive technical training in order to accurately track air activity and dictate routes to ensure safe airline transportation. They control ground traffic at airports as well as oversee the takeoff and landing of aircraft. Air traffic controllers communicate with pilots about weather and air stability conditions for their routes.

They use radar, computers, or visual references to monitor and direct the movement of the aircraft in the skies and ground traffic at airports. Air traffic controllers must work well under pressure and think quickly as problems arise. Airfield Operations Specialist Airfield operations specialists ensure the safe takeoff and landing of commercial and military aircraft.

Their daily responsibilities include liaising between air-traffic control and maintenance personnel, using airfield landing and navigational aids to dispatch aircraft. They also implement airfield safety procedures and monitor and maintain flight records. Transportation Security Officer Transportation security officers conduct security screening of passengers, baggage, and cargo at airports to prevent any deadly or dangerous objects from being transported onto an aircraft.

These workers are adept at operating security equipment like X-ray machines and advanced imaging technology at screening checkpoints. They must possess strong communication skills as well as the ability to work with passengers from diverse backgrounds. Airline Cargo Handling Supervisor Airline cargo handling supervisors oversee the airport's ground crew in the loading, unloading, securing, and staging of aircraft cargo and baggage.

They must have a good command of logic and mathematical calculation since they are required to determine the aircraft's center of gravity and coordinate the safe stowage of cargo. They may also be called upon to serve on flight crews, handle cargo in flight, and brief passengers on emergency and safety procedures.

Pilot Airline and commercial pilots take off, fly, and land planes or helicopters following strict guidelines set by the Federal Aviation Administration. Their responsibilities include evaluating the condition of the aircraft before and after every flight, determining its balance and weight limits, and verifying that its fuel levels are adequate.

Pilots also continuously check and respond to changing weather conditions and communicate flight plans and developments to air traffic control. Food Service Workers Food service workers operate the restaurants and food concessions at the airport. They cook and prepare menu items, stock shelves, wait on customers or receive orders, bus tables, clean the restaurant and kitchen premises, operate registers, and accept payments.

Retail Sales Workers A wide variety of retail, clothing, and gift stores have sprung up at many airports as big-name retailers seek to attract the attention and business of passengers with time on their hands. Retail sales workers stock shelves and kiosks, arrange displays, make product recommendations to customers, and process sales. Wheelchair Transporters and People Movers Airports hire staff to help disabled passengers move about the airport and access planes.

Wheelchair operators meet patrons and transport them to and from airport gates. People movers operate conveyances to transport individuals or small groups of passengers. Where to Find Job Listings Airlines advertise their jobs in various places.

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Basically, they communicate weather and air stability conditions for their routes to pilots by air traffic controllers. They monitor and control the passage of airplanes in the sky and ground traffic at airports using radar, computers, or visual references. Air traffic controllers must be able to think fast and function well under pressure.

Avionic Technician Avionics technicians are to examine, maintain, and fix aircraft electronics systems, either normally or when specific problems emerge. They specialize in performing tasks like examining, maintaining, and fixing any difficulties with the plane, such as the engine, landing gear, and brakes. Airfield Operation Specialist Airfield operations professionals guarantee that military and commercial aircraft take-off and land safely. Their everyday tasks include communicating with air traffic control and maintenance workers, as well as dispatching aircraft using airport landing and navigational aids.

They also oversee and preserve flight records, as well as to conduct airfield safety protocols. Transportation Security Officer At airports, transportation security agents undertake security screenings of people, luggage, and cargo to prevent the movement of any harmful or dangerous things. In screening checkpoints, these professionals are skilled at handling security equipment like X-ray machines and modern imaging technologies.

They must have excellent communication skills and the capacity to work with people from all walks of life. The Federal Aviation Administration sets tight requirements for airline and commercial pilots when they take off, fly, and land planes or helicopters. Pilots must also monitor changing weather and report flight plans and changes to air traffic control. Air Marshals In the event of a hijacking or security problem, air marshals are covert simple security officers who perform on-flight security and counter-terrorism measures.

Although they are not on every aircraft, they frequently bring rifles and other weapons with them. Aerospace Engineers Aerospace engineers are one of the best airport jobs. Engineers who work in the aerospace industry study, design, and build aircraft and other spacecraft. Their job also includes studying and developing new strategies for flying planes, rockets, and even drones through the atmosphere.

Retail store owners are one of the best airport jobs. Many airports now contain a variety of retail, apparel, and gift outlets as big-name businesses compete for the attention and revenue of travelers with spare time. Retail salespeople fill shelves and kiosks, set up displays, give product suggestions to customers, and process purchases.

They may also be asked to serve on aircraft crews, handle goods in flight, and inform passengers about emergency and safety measures. Flight Instructor Being a flight instructor is one of the best airport jobs. Flight instructors provide instruction both in the air and on the ground. The role permits educators to work either full-time or part-time.

Typically, these inspectors will have specialized knowledge in a few areas that will enable them to do their duties efficiently. Customer Service Representative Airport or airline customer service employees react to passenger requests for special help, aid travelers in tracking missing luggage, and give information about the airport and taking part in airline services. We may assign them to customer service desks or call centers for airlines. This position causes problem-solving abilities and dexterity while dealing with unhappy passengers.

Airport Manager Airport managers are to run airports and are one of the best airport jobs. Their primary role is to ensure that airports and airlines follow all laws and regulations, as well as to communicate with various parties and hire new people. Flight Dispatchers Flight dispatchers are popularly known as one of the best airport jobs.

Prior to take-off, flight dispatchers generally communicate with pilots to prepare flight plans. Weather, emergency preparedness, and all elements of fuel management must all be considered. Baggage Handlers Baggage handlers are to ensure that your checked luggage makes the transfer from the little carousel at the check-in gate to the large carousel at your destination airport, which does not always go as planned.

Aircraft Refuelers They handle one of the critical parts necessary for the effective working of airports. One of the major perks of the job is the ability to travel the world and see new places. However, patience, politeness and strong customer service skills are all a must if you work in this role. Airport Engineer Airport engineers are responsible for ensuring that the airport remains fully functional at all times, which means constantly checking equipment, carrying out construction work and repairs, and working collaboratively with airport planners and those working in other key airport jobs.

It is an advanced role, which will usually require you to possess a relevant degree in engineering or an equivalent field, and to complete some job-specific training. Airport Planner The aviation industry relies heavily on the work of airport planners, as these are some of the key figures responsible for creating airport layouts. The role includes elements of research, project management and design, with airport planners helping to decide things like what facilities should be included, where they should be situated, where airport runways should be positioned, and what the possible consequences are for each of these decisions.

Airfield Operations Specialists Airfield operations specialists are ultimately responsible for all operations on the airfield. This means overseeing take-offs and landings, collaborating with air traffic control staff, coordinating different teams when they need to work together, responding to emergency situations, providing instructions for maintenance staff and much more. Entry requirements typically include a degree in aviation, airport management, airport security or an equivalent field.

Aeronautical Engineer Aeronautics can be defined as the study of the science of flight and an aeronautical engineer builds on this basic foundation by helping in the study, design, development and manufacture of aircraft. An engineering background is a must and you will also need to complete job-specific training. Aircraft Mechanic Aircraft mechanics are responsible for carrying out maintenance and repairs on aircraft, which is an immensely important job in an industry where safety is paramount.

With this in mind, to work in such a role, you will need to have an excellent eye for detail and the ability to work precisely. There will be an extensive training programme before you are able to work in this field and the training may also include passing practical and written examinations. Baggage Handler Baggage handlers have one of the most physically demanding airport jobs, as they are responsible for carrying or otherwise moving luggage.

The job involves working in all weather conditions and will require heavy lifting and moving baggage to the right location at the right time. As a result, time management skills are important. However, it is also a relatively accessible role, with very little in the way of firm entry requirements. Hospitality, Shops and Other Types of Airport Jobs On top of the aforementioned airport jobs, there are also plenty of positions associated with hospitality, retail, travel information, ground transportation and food and beverages.

Clearly, these roles are extremely varied in terms of the specific duties and skills required, but they will usually involve delivering high-quality customer service. Airline Careers: An Overview of the Main Jobs Airlines are reliant on people with a variety of skills, working in a number of different roles, including those in airport jobs.

However, it is important to understand that airline jobs and airport jobs differ in terms of the exact positions that are available, where some of the jobs are based and who people are actually employed by. Job Boards for Seeking Out Airline Vacancies The nature of many airline and airport jobs means that some degree of churn is inevitable and, as a consequence, vacancies spring up regularly. However, to get your foot in the door, or take the next step in your career, you need to know how to find these vacancies and job boards are among the very best channels to turn to.

List of Companies to Approach for Airline Jobs When it comes to finding airport jobs, it is often a good idea to approach airlines directly. After all, when you go straight to the source, you have the potential to find jobs that are not advertised on third-party platforms. Of course, to do this effectively, you will need to identify the best companies to turn to.

Recruitment Agencies for Finding Aviation Management Jobs Some of the most senior airport jobs are related to aviation management, and whether it is the management of a department or overall management of a company, recruitment agencies can be invaluable for finding work. Crucially, these recruiters tend to have established relationships with employers and know exactly what they are looking for. Best Channels for Finding Airline Manager Jobs Airline managers are responsible for making sure their airline is performing to its full potential.

To work in such a role, you need to have an excellent knowledge of the industry, significant experience in airline or airport jobs, and the right skills. Moreover, you will need to use the right websites and platforms to actually find vacancies.

Tips for Finding Flight Attendant Jobs Online Flight attendants have essential airport jobs, helping to keep passengers safe on flights, while also providing customer service. It is a demanding role, but one that offers excellent rewards, including the opportunity to travel the globe. For this reason, flight attendant jobs are in high demand and your application needs to be high in quality. Tips for Hiring the Right Airline Staff Whether you are in charge of an airline, or just involved in the hiring process, it is vital that you take the necessary steps to ensure you are attracting high-quality candidates to work in the various airport jobs you have available.

This will involve using the right channels, defining the job clearly and taking various additional steps.

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