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State job oregon

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Requests may be directed to the hiring unit, or to the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access at Title IX Statement Oregon State University, in compliance with federal Title IX regulations which prohibit such discrimination, does not discriminate on the basis of sex in its education program and activities, including employment.

These reports include important safety information, a wide range of current security policies, fire safety practices, helpful university and local resources, crime prevention programs, and crime and fire statistics for the previous three calendar years. Paper copies of these reports will be provided upon request and can also be obtained at Cascade Hall, SW 17th St. If you prefer, you may request a copy by emailing Clery. Compliance oregonstate.

This report is available without charge. Operations Supervisor Arodal of Washington, Inc. Kent, WA Entry level supervision position in an established janitorial company. Provide training and instruction to new and existing janitors.

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Receive and resolve complaints from customers and janitors. Receive and process supply orders for accounts and janitors. Inspect current accounts for compliance with existing contract requirements. Schedule: Sunday - Thursday in the evenings usually starting between PM.

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