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Jobs for teens for summer county of riverside jobs

Jobs for teens for summer

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They might have a summer job listing just waiting right there in the office. Think of who you know. Ask around and see if anyone within your network works for a company who is offering summer jobs for teens. Your community is full of unseen business opportunities, so have an open conversation with them about their skills, dreams, hobbies and passions. Are summer jobs available to teens under 18? Depending on what state you live in, your son or daughter might need to get a work permit or papers in order to get a job.

Find out the local laws in your state by visiting the United States Department of Labor website. Best Summer Jobs for Teens Get crafty! Handmade Goods If your teen has creative talent, have them put it to good use this summer. Websites like Etsy have made it simple to make a buck on the gift of creativity.

Anyone can set up a shop in a matter of minutes and then get to work on designing gifts and merchandise! They can even offer PDF downloads of their work. A download will help cut expenses while also making the process faster for the customer to receive the design.

How much money can you make with these summer jobs? I love any business model that lets me set the price on my good or service. With these options, your teen gets to control their profits, which is great! Just remind them to do a little research and make sure the prices are reasonable.

At the same time, encourage them not to sell themselves short either. Hard work deserves to get paid! How much can you make with this summer job? With a lawn business, your teen is their own boss, meaning they get to set their prices. Taking a look at the competition in the neighborhood can help your teen figure out how much to charge for small, medium and large yards. Becoming a lifeguard is the perfect summer job for them.

Save a life, get a tan, make some money—not a bad gig. The pay varies based on experience and location. And I love seeing an opportunity to change a negative behavior like impulse shopping into a positive one like intentional saving. Instead of spending cash at the mall, they could be making cash there. Plenty of retail shops, restaurants, cafes and even the movie theaters are eager to hire teens each summer. While most of these jobs pay minimum wage which varies state by state 3 they do have some pretty great perks to offer.

Working at a movie theater can get your teen a free seat to watch Hollywood blockbusters all summer long! If they work at a boutique or clothing store they can score a major employee discount and save money on clothes when back-to-school season hits. In fact, the demand for help with homework carries on into the summer!

If your teen is an academic superstar, have them explore tutoring options. In that case, why not encourage them to teach others by sharing their passions, hobbies and skills? Teens earn about the same amount depending on location giving a private swimming lesson. All the equipment will be provided by the owner and you just have to trim or mow the grass. Retail and Food Service Jobs Counter jobs are very easy to come by as your summer job need.

Food service jobs like flipping burgers or waiter jobs are always there. Similarly retail jobs like cashier or accountant jobs are also great for teenagers. Call Center and Tele Marketing Call center jobs are also great way for teenagers to make some money in summer. Companies need new recruits for their customer support department. You need to take calls from the callers and answer them politely. You must have good communication skills. Webcomic Artist If you have passion for drawing and painting and already know about comics then summer job as a web comic artist is good thing to consider.

However for getting a job you have to stay in the loop. Mobile App and Game Development Again just like web comic artist, app development and coding is not for everyone. You have to have some background. If you know programming and love coding then you can easily find a mobile app or game developer job online as well as offline. Blogging and Freelancing This is another most popular summer jobs for teens. Blogging and freelancing is one of the most popular part time jobs for not only professionals but also amateurs.

Blogging has now become a mainstream profession. There are millions of bloggers around the world who are making a living through blogging. What you make will depend upon kind of a blogger you are. And trust me, it's so damn easy to start a blog. If blogging is not your cup of tea then go for freelance writing. There are websites like Up Work or Elance where you get paid for writing articles online.

There are dozens of things you can do on Fiverr. You just go there and see different categories and listing of other sellers to get idea about this marketplace. I am sure, you'll find many things that you can do on Fiverr.

Internship There is nothing new about internship. If you have a reference then you can become an intern with a company and earn a stipend. The money is not really great here but experience that you gain remains with your entire life. If you are planning to go college then internship jobs are not that bad.

Uber Driving Driving for Uber is a new phenomenon in America. You can turn your car into a taxi or a cab. However you have to stay in an urban area. Beach Lifeguard Everyone loves spring break. Instead of being part of the fun at the beach you have to save revellers from drowning. Moreover you have to be physically and mentally fit in case you encounter an emergency.

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Handmade Goods. If your teen has creative talent, have them put it to good use this summer. Retail and Food Service. Sharing Your Skills.