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Council vacancies dundee local council customer service jobs

Council vacancies dundee

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As you might expect the council area is mostly urban, but with a number of surprising and interesting green spaces dotted in between. Dundee has changed much in the past two decades, but we're still not quite where we want to be. The city has a rich past, shaped by industries including ship building, jute spinning and manufacturing, some of which are now celebrated in our heritage-based tourist attractions, RRS Discovery and Verdant Works.

Nestling on the north bank of the Estuary waters of the River Tay, the harbour area to which whaling ships once returned with their hard-fought bounties, is now the scene of new housing and retail development, linked to a massive project reconnecting the city centre with its magnificent waterfront. That project and the council's strategic ambition to build on the new knowledge-based economy of the city, which counts biotechnologists and computer games creators amongst its leading lights, captures the challenge and purpose on offer in Dundee.

If you think you can share those ambitions and raise your standards to meet those challenges, Dundee is the place for you. A skilled and ready workforce is critical to support and sustain these projects. What made this work? The council has worked in partnership across the board, supporting the development of training programmes with local colleges and universities, and working with multiple renewables groups as part of a cluster approach designed to attract more businesses to the area.

Companies and renewables organisations provide the direct input on the type of skills needed and local colleges and universities ensure that these skills can be provided. The development of renewable energy projects and low-carbon skills training directly relates to the local authority's priorities.

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What resources were needed? Things to look out for Council commitment Political will is critical for a council to support sustainable energy transitions. It's also vital to communicate renewable energy and skills strategies clearly internally, allowing relevant staff across services to buy into the project and adopt a forward-looking vision for the area.

Land use To attract investment from low-carbon industries, a strategic approach to land use is important. With only a finite amount of quayside space and the high cost of land in this space, it's essential to look at other sites in the city. It's important to create areas of development that can take advantage of terrain suitable for constructing manufacturing facilities, supply chain development and investment or where robust infrastructure for renewable energy already exists, such as local council-owned industrial parks.

Government policy Dundee was able to demonstrate how it aligned with government climate strategies. The Scottish Government has outlined its ambition to become a renewable energy exporter, with offshore wind energy being a key driver for this. Friends of the Earth's view Dundee is showing how investment in green skills training is an essential element to increase UK renewable energy generation to meet the need for a clean and resilient energy supply.

All councils should be taking steps to boost green skills training including carrying out green skills audits and working with local education providers to develop and promote green skills training. Government funding is also required to create thousands of new green apprenticeships, particularly for marginalised communities and areas.

This case study was produced by Ashden and Friends of the Earth.

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Vacancy List · Humanitarian and Accommodation Support Worker - DEE · Low Carbon Project Assistant - DEE · Modern Apprentice Building Quality Assistant -. Here you will find a list of current vacancies with links to the myjobscotland website where all Council jobs are advertised. Jobs · Advertisement · Service Manager (Drug & Alcohol Services/Sexual Health Services) - DEE · Driver - DEE · Social Worker - DEE · Animal Care.