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Jobs with a good pay

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High proficiency in financial modelling techniques. Competency in using formulas and functions of Excel. BA, BS, or B. Strong analytical and data gathering skills. Good business acumen. Conclusion With this, we end the list of the top high paying jobs in the world. These are just a few to name, and there are many more high paying jobs.

To reach the level of earning a six-figure salary, you must go through rigorous education and training. The competition is increasing every day, and to make it to the top few who earn in the six figures is becoming challenging every day. The cost of tuition in medical programs is also two to three times higher. After receiving a degree, specialists undergo an internship for at least two years and only then do they get the right to work in a full-fledged position. Somewhere it takes even longer, for example from 3 to 8 years in the USA — the so-called residency.

Therefore, the cost of long education and living expenses are generously covered by salaries in many countries. Another reason is how indispensable the profession is. People need medical help any time of the year or day, so doctors should always be on standby. In all areas of medicine, work is stressful, and mistakes are costly.

Google, for example, has about 83, talented employees, but only ten directors lead them. Is their level of payment fair? Some believe that general managers bring in millions or even billions of dollars for the company, so their income is justified. But for the rest, such an explanation is unconvincing, because the value of the company is formed not only by directors but also by its employees.

In large companies, there are usually five to ten top managers — each responsible for their own direction of work. In addition, such people know the company well and understand how their decisions affect other areas of work.

General managers have a very busy schedule: their whole day is scheduled with business meetings, business trips, and events. Corporate lawyer Top universities: Harvard University , Oxford University , Cambridge University , Yale University Duration of studies: years For most lawyers , the salary is close to the national average. The top highest-paid professions include only those lawyers who protect the rights of large firms or wealthy clients. Their income level is associated with high competition in the industry.

Low-ranking students run the risk of not getting a good position at all. But this is far from the most important reason why the salaries of the best specialists are so high. Lawyers work a lot, and when working on complex cases, they can even live in the office.

Large companies are ready to generously pay for the work of professionals in order to ensure their legal security. Therefore, they create conditions that will make a specialist want to work for them for a long time. They make daily flight plans and give permission for takeoffs. Each specialist constantly stays in touch with the pilot to prevent any risks.

Therefore, serious requirements are imposed on them both in terms of training and personal characteristics — the air traffic controller must be stress-resistant, be able to concentrate, and make quick decisions in dangerous situations. An air traffic controller acquires most of the skills during practice, so immediately after university, it is impossible to get a job in this responsible position.

The actual profession is obtained after four years of undergraduate studies and three years of practice. Petroleum engineer Top universities: National University of Singapore , University of Texas at Austin , Technical University of Denmark , Stanford University Duration of studies: years There are industries where the market value of goods produced is high despite the low labor costs [1].

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People invest their hardcore money based on the advice given by a financial analyst. So, it is the responsibility of a financial analyst to get the right number for them and to do so he is required to study statistics well. Earning is based on his reputation. Usually, a well reputed financial analyst charges around 38 dollars per hour on average.

Prerequisites 1. High proficiency in financial modelling techniques. Competency in using formulas and functions of Excel. BA, BS, or B. Strong analytical and data gathering skills. They are the one who coordinates, plans, and also directs the activities at the highest level in the management. But they do need the help of their subordinates to carry out the process successfully.

For all the hard work they put in to keep the profit flowing for their company, they deserve the paycheck they receive. Dermatologists: If you have any skin problems, then you have to seek their help. Your skin is highly sensitive and one wrong move can damage your skin completely, therefore, they must do their job with great care.

This is one of the highest paying professions. Physical Therapists: They are the one who heals the pain that any patient goes through due to the injury or accidents that they have gone through. In case the injury is serious, then they will provide you with enough help so that you can manage well with the pain.

Financial Analysts: If you are good with numbers, then you can opt for this profession because it deals with the stocks and bonds, and how they are faring. So basically, you have to get the numbers right for the investment, when you are in this profession. Translators or Interpreters: This one can be a highly satisfying job because you will be helping people to understand another language, and get good payment for doing so. To do this job successfully, you will have to know several foreign languages and that too fluently.

You must know how to read, write and speak the language so that you can make the most of this job. Training and Development Specialist: What they do is design the training program for you, so that you can conduct the training successfully. If you want, apart from designing the development and training program , they will also be able to conduct the training for you as well.

So if you like to train people, then you can go into this profession which will help you to design your way as well. Database Administrators: They are the ones who will be managing all the data that you find on the internet for each of their respective companies. You must be fully aware of the software to use, to the best of their ability. They store the data and also organize the financial information as well as the shipping records too.

Investment Banking: If you thought doctors are the one who is making all money then you must dig deep in this profession. It is a highly stressful job, but in the end, it is highly rewarding too. If doctors are dealing with the lives of the people, then as an investment banker, you will be dealing with the savings and the money of other people.

One wrong decision of yours will lead to a huge monetary loss. So the riskier the job is, the more figures you will get from your paycheck. Information Security Analysts: The Information Security Analysts work towards the protection of computer information and computer networks. These professionals are paid for their planning ability and they are also responsible for the implementation, upgradation, and monitoring of security measures so that they can keep your computers all protected from threats and attacks.

This is quite an interesting job, and it can be compared to a treasure hunt as well because you will be hunting down the place which will have the treasure of oil and gas underneath. Airline Pilots: If you love traveling, then this is the best job you can have which will allow you to roam from one place to another and get paid highly for that too. Airline Pilots are looked upon as an attractive and glamorous job with the dress and everything neatly done.

You can make hundreds, thousands through this job and also travel all around the globe before you retire. It is quite stressful as well because you are responsible for all the passengers on board, therefore you have to operate the flight safely.

Chartered Accountants: The investment that goes into the preparation for the service of a Chartered Accountant will be realized within a few months once you start practicing. You are managing the accounts of companies so they will take care of you pretty well. The only thing is that you need to know the theories as well as the numbers very well so that you can manage the number of companies well.

This is one of the highest-paying jobs. The Bonus is also included along with extra classes that you can attend to enhance your knowledge of drilling. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy off for 6 long months every year. The other benefit includes your health insurance inclusive of your family as well, along with the retirement plan. On the flip side, it is through your hand that the world is having witnessed the ever-increasing population.

Even some go for abortion too, but anyway, you are getting good payment for doing your job sincerely. So you can have your luxurious apartment and enjoy all the luxury that you want in your life. If you are going for the patent, then it will fetch you, even more, every year. This is one of the good paying jobs that make the most money. Cardiothoracic Surgeon: He will be taking care of your heart and in case anything goes wrong, then the surgeons are there looking deep inside your heart and heal your heart properly.

They are there to take care of your heart and will ensure that your heart stays healthy for a long time.

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10 Surprisingly Easy High Paying Jobs

Anesthesiologist. #1 in Best Paying Jobs. Surgeon. #2 in Best Paying Jobs. Obstetrician and Gynecologist. #3 in Best Paying Jobs.