infrastructure investment and jobs act
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Infrastructure investment and jobs act local az driver jobs

Infrastructure investment and jobs act

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Kyrsten Sinema D-Ariz. Joe Manchin D-W. This cannot be accomplished without legislative text [for the Build Back Better Act] that can be fully assessed and agreed upon by all parties. Republicans in the House were also divided over the bill heading into the vote. Peter Meijer R-Mich. Tom Reed R-N.

It's a good bill. It's a compromise bill, and that to me is good legislation—sound policy that I'm proud to support. The law also addresses climate change as it pertains to surface transportation. It revises Buy America procurement procedures for highways, mass transit, and rail. It implements new safety requirements for all modes of transportation. It directs the U. Understanding the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act In total, this law addresses federal aid for highways and transit; highway and motor carrier safety; hazardous materials; and rail programs of the U.

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Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and set September 27 as the deadline to consider the infrastructure bill. Pelosi said a vote on the infrastructure bill would be held that day, but no vote was held. Pramila Jayapal D-Wash. Kyrsten Sinema D-Ariz. Joe Manchin D-W. This cannot be accomplished without legislative text [for the Build Back Better Act] that can be fully assessed and agreed upon by all parties.

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Republicans in the House were also divided over the bill heading into the vote. Peter Meijer R-Mich. In terms of physical transmission, the most significant provision impacting states is not actually a funding provision. The funding would be used to provide grants to states and tribes for reclamation projects of mine lands abandoned or left inadequately restored before Aug.

A fact sheet from DOE on the bipartisan infrastructure deal can be found here. Broadband Infrastructure This bill includes significant investments in broadband infrastructure, including funding for deployment, subsidies and digital equity. Anchor institutions are sometimes connected to fiber even when fiber service is not commercially available in the community.

This program will be administered by the Federal Communications Commission. The State Digital Equity Capacity Grant Program will provide formula grants to support state plan development, conduct digital inclusion work, planning and capacity building. It also requires states to submit a state digital equity plan. The Digital Equity Competitive Grant Program will provide competitive grants to local governments, tribes, community anchor institutions, educational agencies, etc.

Middle mile infrastructure, or infrastructure that does not connect directly to an end-user location, is getting a boost. Eligible entities include telecommunications companies, technology companies, electric utilities, utility cooperative, etc. Department of Agriculture, including the ReConnect Program, that provide loans and grants or a combination of loans and grants to fund the construction, acquisition or improvement of facilities and equipment that provide broadband service in rural areas.

Also directs the FCC to develop model state and local policies to ensure broadband providers do not engage in digital discrimination. Adds support of broadband access to the purpose of Appalachian Regional Commission and allows the commission to provide technical assistance and make grants to increase affordable access to broadband in the region, including research, analysis, training, construction, and deployment.

Requires internet providers to use a uniform label to describe their service offerings and prices. Establishes a telecommunications interagency working group to develop recommendations to address the workforce needs of the telecommunications industry.

Requires the FCC to establish a deployment locations map, which is an online mapping tool to provide a locations overview of the overall geographic footprint of each broadband infrastructure deployment project funded by the federal government.

Cybersecurity The bill directs that within two years of enactment, the Federal Highway Administrator shall develop a tool to assist transportation authorities in identifying, detecting, protecting against, responding to, and recovering from cyber incidents using the National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST cybersecurity framework.

The bill establishes a cybersecurity risks and threats grant program to be administered through the Department of Homeland Security for states and localities. This grant is very flexible and can be used for vulnerability assessments, adoption of NIST best practices, ensuring continuity of operations, mitigation of cyber workforce gaps, assessment, and mitigation of cybersecurity threats to critical infrastructure.

The Secretary of DHS must consult with state, local and tribal personnel with cybersecurity experience including their national associations to inform grant guidance. Funds may not be used to pay for a ransomware attack. Disaster Response The bill creates a two-year Disaster Relief Mobilization Study to determine whether bicycles should be used in disaster preparedness and disaster response plans in local communities.