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Jb hunt local job reviews nv state job

Jb hunt local job reviews

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Had to back into a spot at a truck stop but the place was a ghost town plus it was a giant place. Intermodal guys have to do a jackknife alley dock style backup. If you've driven at all it's a piece of cake. More paperwork, videos, and safety training. Since our class is so small were gonna be done by lunch tomorrow.

We did lose a guy today. Have no idea why. I'm really curious what's on the JBH orientation thread so I'm gonna finally read it. I can tell you my experience has been just fine. Boring in a lot of ways but I would think any company has to show you all the safety vids, and all the procedural stuff. I think the two other guys were lied too bye a recruiter about hometime but how is that a surprise?

So far what I was told has been legit. I did have more interaction with people in JBHs safety department than I did with my recruiter cuz of something I knew I had on my psp. I needed some assurances before I gave notice to my last job.

If ur looking for a job just be sure you get a copy of your psp befor you start applying with anybody and if something is iffy on it have the recruiter get you to the safety department right away and talk to them.

That should avoid any surprises at orientation. For me everything got checked and signed off by quality control before i get to orientation and I suspect that is most common. I don't know how common it is to talk with the actual fleet account manager you are going too but that help calm my nerves a ton. All done with orientation and home. Final day went fast and we finished just after lunch.

Very good instructer. We trained on their people net system. It's the e-logs and tons of other stuff. Little confusing now but I'm sure after a couple of training days it will make my life easier. Speaking of training I start tomorrow. Now I will find out the Ins an outs. Think I'm doing A Chicago suburb run right out of the chute. If I can't report tomorrow night I'm supposed to be back Friday eve. Well first training trip went well. You team it with the trainer. I started and drove from Mn to the nw suburbs of Chicago.

Had to top off the tanks so that took 7 hours to first destination. Made 2 stops in Chicago suburbs and then took to Indiana for final stop. Was kinda worried cuz it was morning rush hour drove by Ohare airport at am but traffic flowed great and it was pretty much speed limit driveing on the tollway. Off the freeway is another story cars are constantly moving in and out of your lane but your moving so slow that its not really a problem once you clear intersections. The delivery locations can be tight but managable as long as you think it thru.

The unloading is pretty easy with the electric pallet jack and lift gate. Avg time at a stop is 20min to an hour depending how many accounts you are delivering too at each stop. I didnt make it too my final stop because of my 11 so the trainer took over. I was dreading the team thing going in but actually it worked great. It turned what would have been a 32 hour trip to 24 hours. I wouldnt want to do it on a consistant basis, the trucks are just too small for two people.

E logs are pretty cool. I was on countdown at the end and went 10 hours and 58min. Went from pm too about am. Overall its pretty good just need to get all the procedural stuff down. They also provide customized freight movement, revenue equipment, labor and systems services that are tailored to meet individual customers' requirements and typically involve long-term contracts.

Their customer base is extremely diverse and includes a large number of Fortune companies. Their ability to offer multiple services, utilizing their four business segments and a full complement of logistics services through third parties, represents a competitive advantage. They believe this unique operating strategy can add value to customers and increase their profits and returns to stockholders. The staff at J.

Hunt Transport Services come from unusually diverse demographic backgrounds. The company is Hunt Transport Services employees are slightly more likely to be members of the Republican Party than the Democratic Party, with Despite their political differences, employees at J.

Hunt Transport Services seem to be happy.

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2 Months With J.B. Hunt Review! - J.B. Hunt 2022

Do not misunderstand. This is a great company with an amazing culture that is growing everyday. They support Veterans %, and they focus on their drivers. JB Hunt gives you nearly unlimited amounts of work. Theres no overtime pay as most activity based driver jobs go. But they gives bonuses for working an. J.B. Hunt Transport has an overall rating of out of 5, based on over 2, reviews left anonymously by employees. 71% of employees would.