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Jobs in local government uk at home jobs for data entry

Jobs in local government uk

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This programme is a two-year training scheme to help graduates from many different disciplines to take on managerial roles within local governments. There are also graduate training schemes operated solely by certain councils. Check the website of your local council for information on job vacancies and training programmes.

Jobs aimed at highly-qualified candidates such as those with postgraduate qualifications or a background in academia are often advertised on jobs. Benefits of working for local government As with most jobs in the public sector, local government work offers an excellent work-life balance.

Holiday entitlement is generous, and a pension scheme is available. Working for an organisation so fundamental to society as a local council means that job stability is relatively high. For certain jobs, you may need a degree or specific professional qualification in an area like town planning or public policy.

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Knowledge of common office software packages and experience in working in customer service are also valued by employers, and could help your career prospects. Other Routes You may be able to join a local authority's National Graduate Development Programme if you've got a first class or upper second class degree.

Most subjects are acceptable. More Information You may be able to get into this job through an internship.