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Artist Communities Alliance ACA 's job board provides listings of internships, contract positions, and full or part-time employment within several arts-related industries. We list job opportunities relevant to artists, arts workers and creatives of all education and experience levels. In an effort to provide more transparency to job-seekers, all job postings must include salary information; commensurate with experience is not sufficient.

To apply for a job, follow the directions from your selected organization's listing. Always be sure to search the employer's website before applying. ACA Members - To post a job, log in to your existing account and click "Add Job" next to any residency or organization you have listed from your My Account page. Quite often, they'll sketch and study these designs to determine the best ways to translate their ideas onto paper.

Golf Course Designer Golf course designers are the creative minds who create fairways, bunkers, lakes, and water hazards and then ensure that all of these elements are constructed in a way that will best suit the course. As a member of the planning team, they make decisions about course layout, drainage, irrigation, soil composition, and turf selection.

Industrial Designer Industrial designers combine their knowledge of materials, manufacturing methods, and engineering principles to create designs for products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Industrial designers think about how a product will work for its intended user and what it will look like when it's done.

Landscape Architect A landscape architect creates aesthetically pleasing plant designs and grounds for a variety of residential and commercial properties. Their main job is to enhance the natural landscape or to create an artificial one, and by doing so they'll beautify the property in question as well as improve its value. Product Designer A product designer develops a product with the goal of addressing an unmet need or desire. They create products that are visually appealing, technically feasible, and desirable.

They execute the design process which includes ideation, research, prototyping, testing, and iteration to test designs with customers. Toy Designer A toy designer is a professional responsible for designing and crafting toys. Most successful toy designers have a good understanding of toy trends and the needs of their target market, and have experience in marketing, toy development, manufacturing, patent law, consumer testing, and business management.

Urban Designer An urban designer is a professional who is responsible for the design of, or the care and maintenance of built environments in urban areas. More specifically, they are involved with urban design or city planning , which is overseeing the physical layout of a city or town, from streets to public spaces and buildings.

Architect An architect is a professional who is involved in the design of buildings.

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Cake Decorator. Fashion Designer. Graphic Designer.