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16 year olds jobs near me local jobs sutton surrey

16 year olds jobs near me

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To be a teenage search engine optimization specialist, you will need to learn about how Google and other search engines work, then recommend changes to the website owner to help them make their website rank higher. Learn More Seller on Amazon or eBay Being a teenage seller on Amazon or eBay is a great way for year-olds to make money since it takes very little effort, but the results can be amazing.

As a teenage seller on Amazon or eBay, you will need to find cheap or free things, take good pictures of them, post them online with a well-written description, and then package them carefully and ship them out once they are sold. Learn More Seller on Etsy One way to make it as a teenage seller on Etsy is to buy cheap craft supplies, then resell them.

The other way is to handmake anything that you can think of that people would be willing to buy, create a posting, and then ship the items once they sell. However you choose to make money as a teenage seller on Etsy, you need to communicate well with your customers and have good customer service.

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Learn More Social Media Influencer Believe it or not, a teenage social media influencer gets paid to post links and products on their social media accounts. The more followers you have, the more a company or website will pay you to get out the word about something for them. Learn More Social Media Marketer Smart companies will hire a teenage social media marketer to reach more customers for their business, and smart year-olds will be ready to do what it takes to help that business grow so they can get paid.

Your responsibilities will include gaining followers for social media accounts, creating interesting posts that people will want to share, and represent the company while communicating with potential and current customers. Learn More Survey Taker There are so many companies that are willing to pay people for their opinions that you can make pretty good money as a teenage survey taker. Learn More T-Shirt Designer Whether you come up with unique drawings or witty sayings, you can make money as a teenage t-shirt designer.

All you have to do is create your design on a computer, upload it to a website, and wait for sales to come in. The more designs you have and the more popular your design is, the more money you will make as a teenage t-shirt designer. Learn More Textbook Seller As a teenage textbook seller, you will make money by selling textbooks online.

You will be responsible for finding cheap or free textbooks at yard sales, second-hand stores, or by buying them from friends. Transcriptionist Being a teenage transcriptionist is a great job for year-olds because there is a lot of this type of work available right now. As a teenage transcriptionist, you will listen to an audio recording or watch a video recording, then type out everything that is said. It helps if you are creative and good at explaining things well so that your student will be able to learn from you.

You will be responsible for helping people set up reservations for Uhaul trucks, answer any questions that people may have about the services offered, and help solve any problems that people might have with their reservation. Whatever you choose to sell, there are several websites that will help you make money selling in-game currency and items.

Learn More Video Game Designer One way to work as a teenage video game designer is to work for a company where you will be a part of a team that is creating a new video game. Either way, this job is both hard but rewarding work. All you need to do is upload videos of yourself playing video games, create unique videos using in-game footage, or stream your playing sessions live. Learn More Video Game Tester Although it can be more work than fun, being a teenage video game tester gives you the unique opportunity to play games before anybody else.

You will need to play every level on every setting and try everything you can possibly think of doing to see if the game has any bugs or glitches that get in the way of playing. Then, provide a detailed report to the gaming company. You could help by answering or making phone calls, finding information online, filling in data, writing or answering emails, and many other things.

Be sure to be professional and work hard to keep getting paid as a teenage virtual assistant. You will need to communicate with clients to find out exactly what they need from you, record yourself speaking using high-quality audio equipment, then send in your recordings to get paid! Learn More Web Designer A teenage web designer is responsible for planning out the look of a website, from what images should be used, to the font size and type of menu bar is used.

You will need to consider color schemes based on the type of website you are designing and make sure that visitors will be able to easily find whatever they are looking for on the website so they will want to come back again. You will be responsible for following the directions of the business or web designer to make sure the website looks like it should, and is working properly.

Sometimes, you may need to come up with creative solutions to meet the needs of your client. Learn More Website Manager Every website needs a website manager that makes sure everything is working right, which is why you can make money as a teenage website manager. You will need to keep the website updated with current information, come up with ideas on how to improve the website, and do whatever else the client needs you to do to manage their website for them.

You will be responsible for coming up with a theme for your channel, creating amazing videos, editing your videos, uploading them to YouTube, and interacting with your viewers. It may be friends or family members, or you can attend one of the many craft fairs or art festivals in your area and set up a booth there to sell your artwork.

In the meantime, you can learn the ropes of working at a beauty parlor by becoming a teenage assistant hair dresser. You could help with scheduling appointments, keeping the floor swept, helping maintain the equipment, mixing hair dyes, or shampooing hair for customers before they get their hair cut. Depending on the ages of the kids and how long you are with them, you may be responsible for keeping them safe, playing with them, feeding them, and putting them to bed.

Learn More Baker The best job for someone that loves baking is that of a teenage baker. You will be responsible for coming up with great-tasting recipes, finding customers, and fulfilling orders on time by making large amounts of baked goods. As a teenage baker, you could specialize in birthday and wedding cakes, or make cupcakes and cookies for people to take to parties around the holidays.

Learn More Bike Mechanic year-olds that know their way around bikes and tools can make good money as a teenage bike mechanic. You will be responsible for helping other teens and kids keep their bikes maintained, diagnose mechanical problems, get replacement parts, and fix any mechanical problems the bike may have.

To be a teenage bike mechanic, you could either work from your own garage, or find work at a bike shop. Learn More Camp Counselor One of the best summer jobs for year-olds is that of a teenage camp counselor. You will be responsible for making sure the kids in your cabin or group stay safe and get to their activities on time.

Additionally, you will help with the different activities. To be a teenage camp counselor, you need to be responsible, good with kids, and ready to make sure that everyone is having fun. Learn More Car Detailer A teenage car detailer is responsible for making sure cars are as clean as possible. This means cleaning the outside and inside. You could work for a business that details cars or start your own business by offering car detailing services to people.

Learn More Car Washer As long as you have access to water, car soap, and some big sponges, you can be a teenage car washer. You may also offer interior cleaning services where you vacuum the inside of the car as well to make even more money as a teenage car washer.

A teenage chef is responsible for creating dishes to put on the menu or cooking existing dishes exactly the way the customer ordered. A teenage chef will usually work under the head chef and is usually responsible for just one part of the meal, such as the main course or the desserts. Learn More Concession Stand Worker At every fair or carnival, there are a number of places where people can buy food, which means a lot of opportunities to be a teenage concession stand worker.

As such, you will be responsible for taking orders, accepting money, making change, and giving people what they ordered. At some concession stands, you may also be expected to prepare the food for the customer. Learn More Construction Worker Working as a teenage construction worker is one of the best jobs a year-old can get because it pays well, teaches a lot of good skills, and provides you with valuable work experience.

As a teenage construction worker, you will be responsible for carrying out a number of tasks around the construction site, including digging, using heavy machinery, laying cement, and whatever else needs to be done. You will be responsible for taking the dog or dogs for a walk for a certain amount of time or distance, making sure they stay safe along the way. Learn More Farm Hand If you want to learn how to do the many things that need to be done around a farm and get paid to do so, then you should become a teenage farm hand.

As a teenage farm worker, you will need to follow the directions of the farmer to perform tasks on your own. You may be responsible for checking the health of the cows, or driving the tractor out to plow and spread seed on the fields.

Learn More Fence Painter Since people like to have nice-looking fences, you can start your own business as a teenage fence painter. What better way to spend your summer than with a brush in your hand, getting paid to make your neighborhood more beautiful? To get started as a teenage fence painter, make sure you know the basics of painting fences, buy a brush, and start offering your services to people. Then, they might even pay you to come back and clean other things. Learn More Garage Sales Assistant Getting paid to work as a teenage garage sale assistant means working hard for just a few days but getting a big payoff at the end.

You will need to help with the many tasks that go into putting on a garage sale, from making signs, advertising, helping customers carry things to their cars, keeping everything looking nice on the tables, and putting everything away at the end of the sale. This job is great for year-olds that love to be outside, or those that love plants. You could help your neighbors with any number of tasks around their gardens, from preparing the ground and planting to maintaining healthy plants, and even helping harvest vegetables at the end of the summer.

Gift baskets are popular ways to show you appreciate someone, and could be filled with anything from foods or candies to toys or lotions. You will need to come up with ideas for gift baskets, buy everything, put it together, then sell them to people. Learn More Golf Caddy Working as a teenage golf caddy is a great way for teens to make extra money in the summer with an easy-going job.

As a teenage golf caddy, you will help with various tasks around the golf course such as selling golfing gear in the clubhouse, setting up tee times over the phone, helping keep the golf carts clean and in good working order, or cleaning up the golf course. There are many younger kids that want to learn how to ride horses whose parents will pay you to teach them.

You will be responsible for planning lessons and helping your students improve their riding abilities through instruction and practice. Learn More House Sitter Being a teenage house sitter is a fun way to get a taste of living on your own while getting paid.

When someone goes on vacation, you will either need to stay in their home during that time, or come by a couple times a day to make sure everything is ok. You will need to collect their mail, water their plants, take care of pets, and keep the house looking good. Learn More Interior Designer Assistant If you are a year-old with an eye for color and design, you can become a teenage interior designer.

Learn More Landscaper As a teenage landscaper, you could work for a landscaping company, or start your own business by finding your own clients to landscape for. If you do start your own business as a teenage landscaper, make sure you have the tools to get the job done right. Learn More Lawn Mower A year-old with access to a lawnmower can make money as a teenage lawn mower by offering to work for family members or neighbors to keep their yard looking nice.

Learn More Lifeguard To be a teenage lifeguard, you will first need to get the right training and certifications. Plus, you only need to commit to work for the length of a season, giving you more control over your schedule. However, the exact rate can vary depending on the sport, your location, and the league involved. However, as a teen, you may want to aim below that.

Logo Designer Many teens have some graphic design skills. If you do, you could use that knowledge to earn some cash as a freelance logo designer. Companies often hire others to create their logos. Additionally, you could see opportunities from YouTubers, Twitch streamers, and social media influencers who want to brand their content.

So, research your competition and consider how much you think is fair for the time involved. That way, you can set a good price. However, depending on where you work, you may get some fun perks like free games and food discounts, making it a bit more lucrative. While pet sitting opportunities may be more common during the summer vacation season, opportunities can exist all year-round.

After all, people may need to travel for work at any time, and some people prefer to take vacations during off-seasons. However, if the animal has some special needs, you might snag a bit more. That way, they can get a feel for your style and see what you can do. However, charging by the job is also an option, so you can go that route if you prefer. Social Media Marketing Assistant Companies understand that their online presence matters. However, not every business has someone social media-savvy on their staff.

In those cases, they often hire freelance social media assistants to help them achieve their engagement goals. Since teenagers are often familiar with the latest platforms and how to use the various tools, many companies are open to bringing a younger person on board. Psychological hacks needed to ace your job interview Not all companies use those platforms. Plus, those with teens as their target market may actively seek out contributors who are under So, make sure to break down the work involved to get a better gauge on your hourly earnings.

Internet Researcher Most year-olds know how to find information online. Those pros help companies find the data they need, sending back reports with the information. Part-time workers also qualify for some benefits, including dental, vision, and retirement. Retail Worker Many companies hire year-olds as retail workers, making this a classic first job for many people. You might operate a cash register, stock shelves, unpack new inventory, and handle some cleaning, all while helping customers find what they need.

As a result, you may be able to keep your budget in check with greater ease while you earn some cash. Make sure to be professional and courteous to your co-workers, ask questions and learn as much as you can, and look for opportunities to improve your skillset. With a little effort, you can make the most out of your after school job experience.

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