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Jobs for linkedin

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This site has helped connect millions of job seekers with companies that are looking for candidates with their expertise and skills. The company offers job seekers access to its network of more than industry-organized talent communities across the country so they can pinpoint an open position in the exact field and location they want. In addition to listing career opportunities, Nexxt provides members with original curated career content, so users can find the advice and resources that are most relevant to them.

Indeed Indeed has more than million visitors every month, allowing them to post their resumes and research potential employers. To search for gigs, you simply type in your target job title, company or keywords, as well as the location of your choice, then scroll through the results. You can sort by relevance or date, and adjust the distance, salary estimate, job type i.

Jobcase Jobcase gives job seekers the opportunity to create a comprehensive profile to show off their most important and relevant information for recruiters. In addition to work experience and education, you can list a personal summary, your work preferences i. While LinkedIn allows some of these more nuanced information categories, the advantage of Jobcase is that it powers more than existing job-listing websites.

This means that users have access to a wider range of employers and opportunities associated with those sites. Instead, you can use LetsLunch to find interesting professionals to meet with over coffee, lunch or drinks, on your schedule. According to the site, the LetsLunch app is your personal assistant which lines up your lunch and coffee slots with people you should know.

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You may be looking to meet someone from a company you want to work for or a contact within a particular industry. Additionally, all your meetings can be found on one dashboard, so there is no more going back and forth between calendar apps, LinkedIn, Facebook, SMS, and email to confirm your appointment. Mediabistro Mediabistro is a quality resource for the media industry, listing various creative gigs and client services.

You can refine your search by function writing and editing, production, marketing and communications, creative and design , specialty business development, client services, news and journalism , level executive, manager, entry , location, duration, salary range and employer type i. There is also a resource section that offers career advice and tips on how to pitch certain magazines.

Mediabistro is a must-use job search platform for creatives. Opportunity In need of a deeper pool of connections? Opportunity matches you with sales leads, like-minded professionals, employment opportunities and possible partnerships. Anyone can use the free application, from job seekers to hiring managers.

Opportunity finds millions of new leads each month, sharing them with individuals who match the particular skills, interests and experience. There is a mobile app available to users, and it sends you alerts when an opportunity arises nearby. Comparing skills across jobs can make it easier to find the right job for you. Time Management is ranked as the fourth most important skill for both jobs.

If we think about comparing them like a venn diagram, those are overlapping skills that are equally useful to both jobs. Some skills align more closely to a single role than others, which will be reflected in your view. When skills are less common between two roles, they are placed further from the center, and closer to the job they are more relevant to. In this comparison, the remaining skills on each side are unique to each job.

These skills are certainly still useful and may appear in common with other jobs, but our analysis shows they may not be as helpful for moving from a Food Server to a Operations Coordinator role. We bring this analysis together into a single metric that we call skill similarity, which helps us understand how well one job might transition to another by giving a score between 0 to In this case, the skills similarity score between Food Server and Operations Coordinator is

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How have things been going for you at Microsoft? Do you know of any interesting companies that are hiring? And you can reach out to new people at companies you want to work for. Do you have any advice for a newer marketer who hopes to accomplish the same? After a few messages, you could then ask if their group is hiring. This is NOT going to work. Search for job titles or keywords, narrow down by location and other search filters LinkedIn has awesome filters , and then start applying.

One good way to get seen is following a few big influencers like Bill Gates or Gary Vee and commenting on their posts. Whereas a regular comment of mine might get likes. Then you can go connect with those people who liked your comment. You never know when one connection will be able to introduce you to a hiring manager or get you an interview. So you need to just keep engaging and building your network if you want to use LinkedIn to find a job. You can also post content yourself — just keep it positive and professional.

You can post examples of past work, case studies, interesting articles you find, questions, and more. Leverage LinkedIn groups You can get job search help, expand your professional network, and gather valuable ideas from other job seekers, all through LinkedIn groups.

You can also join industry-relevant groups to gain insight into new job opportunities in your field. For example, if your dream job is to become a software engineer at a top tech firm, join some software development and tech industry groups. See what other LinkedIn users are discussing and sharing.

You never know whether this info will help you find a new job either immediately, or by helping you form long-term connections with people on LinkedIn. And it only takes a few seconds to search LinkedIn for relevant groups and join a few. This article from LinkedIn has more details on how to get notified when relevant companies post a new job.

This beats having to check in each day to see if a company has posted any new jobs. Include your LinkedIn profile URL within your resume Finally, put a link to your LinkedIn profile in the header of your resume right after your phone number and email address. Employers only spend seconds reviewing your resume at first. Then, they decide if they want to read more or not. So a link up top can help you stand out and keep them reading for longer.

Our bonus: The 13 Most popular job titles on LinkedIn updated for ! Do job titles matter on LinkedIn? The first question that I asked myself was this one. I found out a 3-minute video made by a recruitment agency that will help you to get to know the importance of your title in your career progression.

You need to understand that recruiters are as scared as you while recruiting. IIf they make mistakes in the hiring process, the quality of their work could be reevaluated and they could even be laid off. You go online and you seem several great employment opportunities. Getting this new job makes more sense for talent hunters. Climbing the ladder of your new career. The only study I found as an indication of how important job titles are is this one, which demonstrated that many people would rather have a better title than a bigger salary.

It means one thing, well, maybe 2: The whole world is so self-centered and gives so much importance to a title. Since I found few studies on the subject. Unoptimized title: Next, I ran 50 LinkedIn connection requests to the same target and automated the process. Result: a well optimized LinkedIn headline will bring you better visibility and boost your acceptance rate.

Put all the odds on your side, and follow the rest of the guide to get the best examples!