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Local small jobs

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If you don't see one, be sure to check the promotions tab or spam folder. After you've confirmed your email, go here for some of the top content on Swift Salary. This is often seen with paid tasks like data entry, transcription, and AI training type work.

Legitimacy and safety will vary between each individual site, but as a whole, legit micro job sites do exist. They're generally completely safe to use too. That being said, scams are out there, and just like with anything online, it's important to stay cautious and do your due diligence to keep your personal information and devices secure.

How to Avoid Scams and Stay Safe Never provide sensitive info like your SSN, passwords, or other personally identifiable information before thoroughly inspecting a site to ensure that its legit. No business address is listed — Most legit companies will have an address listed somewhere on their site, whether in the footer, about page, privacy policy, or somewhere else. You have to pay to join — Just avoid these. No micro job site should require workers to pay in order to join.

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Related: For more info and tips, read my guide on how to spot and avoid survey and GPT scams. Most of the info applies to micro job sites as well. I'll breakdown the earning potential of each individual site below. Your demographics — This is out of your control, but it is something that will affect which tasks you can work on. Your speed and efficiency in completing tasks — A lot of microwork is very repetitive and requires doing the same things over and over again.

The more efficient you can be, the better your hourly rates. Bottom line? Stay tuned for tips on how to increase your earnings and efficiency. Pros and Cons of Micro Jobs The Good Work on your own schedule — Most micro job sites allow you to set your own hours or simply pick up paid tasks whenever you're available. Because a lot of tasks are extremely short, there's also not a lot of time commitment needed.

Work from home or anywhere with the internet — In-person micro jobs are available and can be a great option for earning money, but many microtasks are done completely online. Good variety of work — There really is something for everyone when it comes to micro work. Lots of work available — New micro jobs are created and uploaded to different micro job sites every single day. No expertise required mostly — The majority of the micro jobs don't require any special qualifications.

It's pretty easy money. The Bad Low pay — Overall, most micro tasks don't pay very much. If you enjoy being around and caring for animals , then you might consider spending a few hours each week as a dog sitter or dog walker. These are two micro jobs that can provide you with a good deal of exercise, not to mention a healthy dose of animal therapy to get you through the chilly winter months.

However, it will also require a lot of patience because most dogs require a lot of attention and cleaning up after. House sitting. House sitting is another great way to earn a little extra cash in a short period.

Babysitting is one of the most common types of small tasks or micro jobs. Regardless of where you live, there will almost certainly be some new parents in your area who are looking for a reliable individual to look after their kids. If you do decide to pursue babysitting gigs, just be sure to keep in mind that it can occasionally be very demanding. So before you sign on to any babysitting job opportunity, be sure that you have an in-depth conversation with the parents about what your exact responsibilities are going to be.

At the same time, babysitting can be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable types of small tasks or micro jobs. Freelance graphic design. Temporary graphic design jobs are a fun and engaging way to hone your creative skills, expand your portfolio , and help an individual or a company develop their branding image and strategy.

But before you apply for a temporary graphic design job, it will be essential for you first to have some prior experience in the field, as well as the proper tools. Proficiency or fluency in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, for example, will be a crucial prerequisite for most employers who are looking for freelance graphic designers.

Freelance writing and blogging. Temporary freelance writing or blogging gigs can be an ideal opportunity for anyone who is endowed with the gift of gab. If you have a talent and passion for writing, then these small tasks and micro jobs might be perfect for you. Lawn or home maintenance. Do you love to work outside, handle machinery, beautify your surroundings, and fix things? If so, then a lawn or home maintenance micro job might very well be worth pursuing. In addition to providing you with the benefits outlined above, these temporary jobs come with the added benefit of being widely available in general and easy to find.

Data entry. Today, many companies outsource data entry jobs to freelancers, private contractors, and temporary workers. If you meet each of those three criteria, then we encourage you to research and pursue data entry micro jobs in your area.

And indeed, sometimes the best way to find a local micro job — such as babysitting, dog walking, or lawn mowing — is to simply step outside and talk to your neighbors or visit a local job board. That said, there are also a ton of online resources that can be leveraged in your search for a temporary and paying small task or micro job. You can simply pull out your phone or laptop and do a quick search to find opportunities currently available near you.

Here are sixteen great online resources that can help you connect with local small tasks and micro job opportunities. Keep in mind that each of these platforms is designed for a particular skill set and professional background. With Swagbucks, users can make money or earn gift cards to major retailers like Target, Walmart, and Amazon in a matter of minutes by completing short surveys or even just by watching videos.

Branded Surveys. Branded Surveys is another popular and straightforward way for individuals to get paid to share their opinions and experiences.

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Job with no experience So, the more accurate you are in completing tasks, the more you earn. Vote count: No votes so far! If you are interested in, and want to gain experience in, a specific area of software or hardware, you may be local small jobs to find a smaller employer which focuses on just that. In some ways you may have more freedom to shape your own path, picking the training you feel is necessary to perform your role. When you accept a task in Amazon Mturk, it will let you know how you will earn for that particular task.
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