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Jobs at ut

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To meet the requirements for the position, applicants must have these required qualifications. Preferred qualifications are skills or experience that go above and beyond the required qualifications. They are not required for consideration, but are qualifications that the hiring manager may prefer an applicant possess. Applicants with preferred qualifications may be considered more qualified than an applicant who does not possess them. My online application was referred to the hiring manager, but I still have not been contacted.

Is there further action needed on my behalf? No further action is needed. Being referred to the hiring manager may not result in a candidate being interviewed. The hiring manager reviews all candidates and determines the most qualified candidates to interview based on the application, resume and any required supporting documents.

If you are having issues creating a profile, email Talent Acquisition and use the following subject line: Profile Assistance Requested. Add an explanation of the issues you are having. Refer to the Register and Apply job aid for instructions. Refer to the Reset Password job aid for instructions. Are there any limitations when creating a username and password? Your username and password may contain any combination of characters, including letters, numbers and special characters. Can I still apply for a position that was posted during previous weeks, but is not posted now?

If the posting is no longer listed on the UTSA Careers website, then the position has closed and is no longer accepting applications. In addition to the online application, what other documents are required? Refer to the job posting as each position has specific information on the required documents that must be uploaded to be considered for the position. If I do not finish my application, can I save it and complete it later?

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You can save your application and return later to complete it. Click the Save as Draft button at the top of the page during any step of the application process. When you are ready to complete the application process, log back in to the system and click View My Job Applications to continue your application. Note that incomplete applications will not be considered.

How do I attach a resume or other required documents to my application? Learn more about our mission, vision and values. For more information, contact Human Resources HR today. Registers and admits patients using hospital information systems. Facilitiates Direct admits and facility transfers. Triages bed needs based on bed availablity and acuity, along staffing in areas of access. Utlizes admission criteria provided to place patients appropriately based on orders, clinical documentation and bed availability.

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