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Jobs with cna

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I helped alot with my grandparents, my grandma has Alzheimers. And my grandpa had a catheter and I would help with that. Reply Admin September 21, at am You seem perfect for it Amanda. Reply Shannon Taylor January 18, at pm Hi….

My career goal is to become an addictions counselor and possibly a therapist later on. I thought that becoming a CNA would be a good first step in these career goals. I am looking for a job opportunity ina rehab facility. I have been told that i have my compassion level is high and i enjoy trying to improve the lives of others, even if just by a small bit. Any thoughts? Thank you Reply Barry December 1, at pm Shannon. If you think about your own family, and how you would help them, and your HEART is true, I think your first step is your right step.

DO IT! Jane September 30, at am I am 55 years old who looking to change career. Is it too late for me to start as a CNA. I heard from my friend that it is a hard job. I am a hard working person and I really like to be a nurse.

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Reply Barry December 1, at pm Jane. A friend of mine is needing home care for her disabled son and wants me to be the caregiver. How do I go about getting certified for PA. It has been a few years since I have worked in my field of study. They thought I was a CNA. My case load is approximately twenty patients.

I like to refer to them as friends. Anyway, thats my story. Reply Eureka December 31, at pm I am a certified nursing assistant and have been since What can I do or what does anybody recommend? How can I get experience if no one hires me as newly certified CNA student.

Am I looking for employment as a CNA in the wrong institutions? Sincerely, Reply leonie August 27, at am i have the same problems i am a c. Reply Kate April 29, at pm I become a certified nursing Assistant in December , since i am having problem getting a job. Thanks Kate. Even if you get a job offer from a nursing home before you finish your CNA courses, that employer must also pay for your training.

Suppose you want to take a break after completing your CNA training. Three months later, you apply to work at a nursing home and are hired there. Which expenses are covered? Everything except your scrubs and personal supplies: Any portion of the training coursework Fees for textbooks or other required course materials Registering individuals on the nurse aide registry Administration of the competency examinations leave at any time You are not required to stay at the nursing home that hires you for any length of time The federal government recognizes that nursing homes cannot function without CNAs, so it pays for your training.

You are not required to stay at the nursing home that hires you for any length of time. Here is the law that covers the costs of your CNA training if you choose to work in a nursing home after completing your coursework. For many CNAs, this is the perfect job. Sometimes it takes a while to match you to a patient; the patient and their family must decide if you are a good fit. Start by applying to one or more home health agencies.

You may be responsible for monitoring the supplies that come from the agency and ordering more as needed. The nurse is a resource for your questions and concerns. The nurse can also contact the agency physician if there are medical issues. While some CNAs love the pace of providing full care to an individual patient, others find it boring. Hospitals: Hospital jobs are often at the top of the list for CNAs. A CNA may be paired with a single nurse or assigned to a group of patients for the shift.

In a hospital, a CNA may have a different job title, such as technician. Duties can include taking vital signs, caring for catheters, transporting patients, keeping patients clean, and sitting with patients.

In a large hospital, the CNA may escort families or help with discharging patients. An exciting feature of working at a hospital is that most departments use CNAs, so your duties vary with the specialty. There may be job openings in departments such as obstetrics, pediatrics, surgery, or emergency.

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