bachelors of psychology jobs
psychologist jobs

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Bachelors of psychology jobs local summer job listings

Bachelors of psychology jobs

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It also entails helping individuals locate psychological resources in their community, providing counseling services directly to people, and other forms of case management services. This is about the highest paying jobs for those with a degree in Psychology. Psychiatric Technician Psychiatric technicians work with patients who are experiencing psychological disturbances. Their work is typically done in a clinic under the supervision of a licensed mental health professional. The basic tasks may involve teaching patients new skills that can be used at home or in a workplace setting.

Besides, this is a high-paying job you can do with a degree in psychology. Human Resources Specialist Human resource personnel and managers earn a very respectable sum. The role involves dealing with employees and putting up the structure for efficiency and performance of the members of the staff.

Some HR specialists actually earn more than 6 figures. Public Relations specialist Course psychology has many branches and job prospects. Understanding how the human mind works come in handy in public relations. Career counselor This job of a career counselor suits psychologists. This job allows you to prepare medications under the guidance and direction of the supervising pharmacist, as well as assist with the required recordkeeping for prescriptions and patient information.

Often, you only need a high school diploma for entry into this position, but an associate degree in psychology will give you a stronger foundation and knowledge base to better support your clients. This might include bathing and hygiene, meals, monitoring vital signs, and more. An associate degree in psychology can prepare you for the challenges and rewards of working with students of all ages.

A research assistant will help with such tasks as lab studies, surveys, publication preparation and more. They may be exposed to substance abuse, mental illness, physical abuse, and other traumas, and your job is to advocate in their best interests.

With an associate degree, your tasks may be more administrative client intake, conducting interviews, coordinating resources, etc. An associate degree in psychology is very desirable for this profession.