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Questions asked in a job interview jobs artists

Questions asked in a job interview

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This is what I focused on in both of my previous positions, and was even the focus of my academic work before graduating from university. Why are you looking to leave your current company? Otherwise, the most important thing to do when they ask why you are looking to leave your current job is to stay positive and never badmouth your current employer, boss, or even team members.

What are you hoping to gain from a job change? Is your current boss a jerk? Do: Sound positive and focus on what you want to gain by making a move Show gratitude for your current job e. Keep it work-related, not personal. Do: Explain the situation, the task you needed to accomplish, and what method you chose and why Share the outcome. What was the result? Share what you learned from the experience.

Did you take away knowledge that has helped you in your career? Our client was expecting a project to be delivered by PM, but we were far behind schedule. And then I re-organized my own personal tasks so I could dedicate my entire day to contributing to this project as well. The project was a success and we delivered the work on-time. I went on to lead more projects after that, and used what I learned to be a better project manager.

How much money are you looking to earn? You have the least amount of leverage possible at this point in the job interview and job search process. If you go too low with your desired salary range, it could limit the offer you receive later, even if they would have offered more normally. Whereas, after talking with you in a few interviews, they might have been willing to stretch their budget to hire you!

Why should we hire you? How will they benefit if they hire you? What will you improve for them? What will become easier, more efficient, or more profitable? Otherwise your answer will not impress them. Why do you want to work here?

You want to make them feel like you chose them for a reason. The bottom line is: The typical employer looks to hire someone who will want to work for them in particular, not just someone who wants to work any job they can find. Why did you leave your last job? There are a lot of good answers to this interview question.

Here are some guidelines: If you chose to leave on your own terms, stay positive and focus on what you wanted to gain from the decision, rather than bad-mouthing or focusing on negatives you wanted to avoid. And if you were fired or laid off, be upfront and clear. What is your greatest weakness? I recommend picking something skill-based, not personality-based. Those things will get you rejected in the interview.

For example, if the job involves data entry with Excel spreadsheets all day, you do not want to say Excel is your weakness. Or that you struggle to pay attention to details. Do: Name a real weakness Pick something skill-based, not personality-based.

For the first few years of my career, I focused entirely on email marketing. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? No company wants this. In five years I see myself taking on more responsibilities, either through management or higher-level individual contributions. You can read career goal examples here. Employers want to see if you can own up to your mistakes, be accountable, and also learn and improve from the experience.

That last piece is key if you want to give a good answer to this question. You really need to be concise and show you can tell a clear story. An employee was acting out and I confronted him in front of everybody. It made the situation worse and caused a lot of distraction for everyone on the floor. I failed to lead properly in this situation, and spoke to my manager the next day to discuss what I could have done better. We both agreed that I should have handled this privately with the employee by asking them to step inside my office.

If I had done this instead of reacting the way I did, the situation would have turned out much better. From that point onward, I am always conscious of whether a discussion with a team member should occur in public or behind closed doors, and it made me a better leader. How do you make decisions? How did you handle it and what did you decide?

One of our largest clients was having an issue with our latest software update and I had to decide between doing a fresh install on their system or trying to troubleshoot. The fresh install would come with downtime, but it was a known variable. Whereas, if we took troubleshooting steps, it could resolve the problem eventually, but the company would be working with multiple software bugs and issues for an unknown period.

I spoke to our representative from their company, and also spoke to the Account Manager within our firm who had originally brought this client on, since he had the closest relationship with the firm. Based on this information, I felt the best way to resolve the situation was to do a complete reinstall of the software, causing 30 minutes of downtime, but solving the problem that day. I also spoke to our billing team to provide a special discount to help offset the lost revenue our software caused, which the company appreciated and thanked me for.

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Could you tell me about yourself and describe your background in brief?. How did you hear about this position?. What type of work environment do you prefer?.