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Jobs at chick fil a fedex near me jobs

Jobs at chick fil a

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They lift heavy boxes of raw chicken and fries, use their hands to filet and bread raw chicken, stand for long hours preparing meals, and carefully clean dishes and equipment. Managers are responsible for leading the daily operations of each shift. They plan, train, encourage, and lead Team Members.

Leadership Development Program: All Team Members participate in our training program which develops restaurant and career skills. There are 5 levels of advancement that lead to a Trainer Position. Truett Cathy. Devoted to serving the local communities in which its franchised restaurants operate, and known for its original chicken sandwich, Chick-fil-A serves freshly prepared food in more than 2, restaurants in 47 states and Washington, D.

What is it like to work at Chick-fil-A? This is a fast paced environment. The team has lots of energy and is always ready to serve the guests and another. We want to make a positive impact on the community. We are more than chicken. We strive for excellence and want to have a positive legacy.

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