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Quantity surveyor vacancy

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This includes ensuring statutory building regulations are met. You'll prepare estimates and costs of the work and when the project is in progress, you'll keep track of any variations to the contract that may affect costs and create reports to show profitability. Working either for the client or the contractor, in an office or on site, you'll be involved in every stage of a project.

Projects include commercial, industrial and residential constructions. Alternative job titles include construction cost consultant, cost manager and commercial manager. Responsibilities Your exact duties will vary to a certain extent depending on whether you work for a consultancy as a private quantity surveyor PQS or for a contractor. As a PQS you'll advise clients from the initial design stage, working out the budget for the job and then putting it out for tender to contractors.

The contractor's quantity surveyor will usually be more hands-on, working on site and will liaise with the PQS. Many firms will provide a one-stop-shop from initial design through to completion. Once you've gained sufficient experience and specialist knowledge, you may also: offer advice on property taxation provide post-occupancy advice, facilities management services and life cycle costing advice assist clients in locating and accessing additional and alternative sources of funding enable clients to initiate construction projects advise on the maintenance costs of specific buildings.

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Salaries vary depending on your qualifications, skills and experience, your location, type of employer e. Obtaining chartered status increases both your job and salary prospects. Bonuses are common if targets are met and increases in salary can often be achieved by gaining more qualifications and taking on extra responsibilities.

What's the job really like? Quantity surveyor video Quantity surveyors explain the advantages of their job — 2. We have to understand everything from building a house right up from the ground, to anything like a museum or a bridge or a stadium. Audrina Stanley: A quantity surveyor is the accountant of the building industry. They deal with the money on a daily basis — budgets, cashflows, and basically make sure that builders stay honest.

Shane: Job prospects! Job opportunities, both here and overseas. Audrina: Working on the largest government building in Wellington; working on the waterfront in Wellington. Bernard: Being a QS has a lot of good things about it. The breadth of work is awesome. You can be in gumboots on a site, trudging through mud one day.

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