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798 local jobs

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The goal is to make it difficult for companies to develop new fossil fuel sources. This has prompted Pipeliners Local Union to get involved in the public conversation about pipelines. The union created a website and encourages members to contact lawmakers, sign petitions and attend town hall meetings. They travel around the country from job to job.

If no pipelines are under construction they don't work. But Coker says now is a busy time. This has been a good year, politically, for the union. Coker says most Pipeliners supported Donald Trump and were energized by his focus on two topics that keep them employed: building infrastructure and supporting the domestic oil business.

Still, it's clear that Coker and other Pipeliners feel misunderstood. They view their work as an important contribution to the economic life of the country. When protesters say they shouldn't be building pipelines, it offends them.

Part of their new-found activism includes talking more publicly about their work. You know, I'm as worried about the environment as anybody else," says Coker. Currently he is overseeing his union's work on a section of the Mariner East 2 pipeline , which has been the focus of protests and legal challenges. The tradition is usually done with a Christmas tree, a flag, and an Iron Workers banner, which are hoisted and displayed on the final beam.

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Traditionally, the last beam is signed by all the ironworkers who worked on that project, representing both their skills employed and their pride in the completed structure. The first shop local of the International, Local 40 Newark, N. While only 19 percent of nonunion workers have guaranteed pensions, fully 78 percent of union workers do. More than 84 percent of union workers have jobs that provide health insurance benefits, but only 64 percent of nonunion workers do.

Unions help employers create a more stable, productive workforce—where workers have a say in improving their jobs.

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