local part time jobs for highschool students
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Local part time jobs for highschool students hiring jobs in my local area

Local part time jobs for highschool students

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Also, you can reach out to your favorite blogs to see if they need developers for their contents. You can also try posting a message on NextDoor to offer your babysitting services to local families. The ability to control your work hours and the relatively high pay makes these jobs ideal for college students on weekends. If you enjoy partying , then, this a great combo.

Put your weekend to good use by serving at events and making good money for yourself. That way, you get paid for what you enjoy doing. This is very rewarding and your certification goes a long way in retaining your job even after school. Make the move by working at the new juice shops rising in your neighborhood. This is a great job for those with a passion for produce and a healthy lifestyle. A huge fringe benefitis that most smoothie places close relatively early, leaving your nights free.

These are things you do as a social media assistant: SEO optimization, post scheduling, customer engagement, etc. This is to give you time for your classes on weekdays and a rapt attention to your job on the other hand. All that is required of you is a basic knowledge of data entry and preservation. However, this is one of the highest paying weekend jobs for college students. Student-specific roles usually require little or no experience and you can always ask your student union for advice if you are finding it hard to secure a position.

Read more: How to get a high paying job without uni degree What jobs can you do while studying? The employment world is wide open for students but choosing the right sector to break into can help you focus and avoid disappointment when it comes to part-time jobs. If your goal is to earn money but focus on your studies, choose something easy, local and undemanding.

If you want to start gaining meaningful experience for your career, you can be a little choosier and consider opportunities that are less convenient but have more value to you. Casual work — live casual jobs in Australia correct as at 10 November Internships — live internship jobs or trainee in Australia correct as at 10 November What are the easiest jobs for students?

For ultra-fit students, part-time hours at a local gym or swimming pool could be a good option, but for a gym-phobic, it would be a nightmare! Fitness jobs : over 9, fitness related jobs across Australia Swimming instructor and Lifeguard : over swimming instructor and lifeguard jobs across Australia Receptionist in Australia : over reception jobs in Australia Where are the easiest places to get hired? Anywhere with a high turnover of staff is a safe bet.

Retail is always a good port of call, with supermarkets needing plenty of workers, especially now that so many are open 24 hours a day. Fast-food outlets, food delivery services and cleaning agencies always seem to be looking for part-time help as well, and few need qualifications or experience.

Retail jobs in Australia : over 13, jobs across Australia Local part-time jobs ideas for students Local jobs can be a good option for students as transport will be less of a factor and experience is generally less important. When high-street shops, restaurants and other companies need reliable people with general skills, students can take their pick. Some popular options include: Part-time retail jobs — Potential jobs include weekend jobs , late-night shifts , shelf-stacking and window display work.

Basic skills are usually taught. Part-time cashier jobs — Roles will include till operatives and theatre cashiers. Anywhere open until late is a potential spot for a cashier role that can fit around studies. Childcare — After-school care , nursery assistants and classroom assistants are all viable options for easy-going students.

Airport part-time jobs — Baggage handling, cleaning and customer service roles can all be easy ways to earn for extra money. Night shift part-time jobs for students — Weekend work options, supermarket shelf-stacking and manning helplines can all be done during anti-social hours.

Some potentially lucrative ideas include: Creative freelance part-time jobs — Blog writing, graphic design and social media manager roles can all be completed at home and if you have experience, the rates get better. Part-time tutor jobs — English language tutoring and IT lessons can be conducted online, thanks to messaging apps such as Skype. Part-time call-centre jobs — Customer service agents and enquiry forms can be answered through a remote forwarding service now.

Seasonal part-time jobs ideas for students Seasonal roles can help students to take advantage of breaks scheduled well in advance, such as summer holidays. Some promising job prospects include: Summer part-time jobs ideas for students — Leaflet distributor, festival crew roles and golf caddie are all fun for the warmer summer months. Anything outdoors will be a lot more pleasant when the weather is good. Bank jobs for students — Saturday cashier and treasurer for local groups.

For accounting students — Freelance bookkeeping and payroll jobs. For criminology students — Laboratory assistant positions are a good way to stay in the realms of pathology and sample-handling. For architecture students — Freelance design work, estate agency admin and property photography. For interior design students — Working in a homewares retail outlet, blogging for interior design websites and writing for design magazines. For graphic design students — Freelance graphic design , opening an Etsy art shop, registering on freelancing sites that offer fixed-price jobs.

For journalism students — Blogging, content creation, writing for local newspapers and magazines. For computer science students — Web design, mobile app developing , freelance mobile repairs. For civil engineering students — Local council roles, road surfacing and water board helpline answering.

For social work students — Care home night shifts , residential centre activity coordinator, receptionist for a medical practice.

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