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Test product jobs

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Pro: Another longstanding, reputable company. Con: Limited opportunities. Princeton Consumer Research Corp. Pro: Longevity of company. The company hires testers for full-time temporary stints to play and evaluate new video games before they are released. Pro: A fun job for serious video gamers who know the ups and downs of the gaming industry. Con: Job located only on-site in Boise, Idaho.

Valued Opinions Established in , Valued Opinions offers the chance to test products at home, take online surveys or even keep a diary about a story. Pay is in credits to exchange for gift cards. Its website says 3 million people participate around the world. Pro: Company longevity. Con: No cash pay. Opinion Outpost While Opinion Outpost is primarily a survey-taking site, it has a product testing component as well.

You have the choice of pay in cash or rewards. Pro: Ease of use. Con: Must earn a set amount of points before you can redeem for cash or prizes. You sign up to receive and review a full-size product such as organic salad dressing, a plant-based frozen dessert or organic potting soil. Your pay for the review is the product. Pro: Interesting product mix for free.

Con: No pay. Shoe and apparel manufacturer Brooks will send approved members of its test program the latest running gear to try out and rate. Con: As part of the test program, you must agree to return the shoes if asked. Sellers on Amazon submit their new products, and they are distributed to the reviewers, know as the Vine Voices, for product testing. The reviews on Vine are not influenced in any way or edited by the sellers, Amazon says. People who write the most helpful reviews or are experts in a certain product are among those likely to be invited to participate.

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Amazon product testers are not paid. The reward is entry into such a prestigious group, it seems. What will you help us create? You will create test strategies, automation frameworks, test infrastructure and lead large test efforts for new features and releases ensuring quality and reliability of our products.

We work in a fun, fast-paced dynamic team environment. Come help us build world class software for our customers! Software Dev Engineers in Test at Amazon are expected to have excellent technical abilities that enable them to significantly improve product quality. You should have a combination of in-depth knowledge of Quality Assurance and solid understanding of computer science principles.

We need you to be innovative, have an entrepreneur's approach and use creative solutions complete the work you do on a daily basis. This responsibility is much more than defining and building tests. You will be expected to invent and simplify the testing methodology of a system application. You will also work with other QA Engineers and QA Managers to identify and create tools that our group and Amazon in general need for advancing our testing efforts.

About the team We build the Home screen app - the face of Fire Tablets that millions of Amazon customers worldwide use everyday. Our goal is to continue making the Home screen app CX highly engaging, and personalized for the user; and enable new revenue opportunities for Amazon.

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Thus, if you already enjoy using this brand, this could be an ideal opportunity for you. You can join the Beauty Insider program here and learn more about the benefits it offers. Smiley Join over 1 million other members in testing and getting free products Smiley is a popular product testing panel with over 1 million members. This platform has social sharing tools, so you can ensure your opinion of products and services gets out there.

Once your account is active, you can log in to see if there are available product testing opportunities on your dashboard. SheSpeaks Create an account and get started testing new products in under 10 minutes SheSpeaks is a great platform that sends free products for members to test and review. You can also review products you already use and upload feedback to the website. However, SheSpeaks frequently hosts giveaways where the best product reviews can win cash prizes, gift cards, or free products.

The platform is free to join and you can create a member profile to start testing new products in under 10 minutes. The company gives away free products in return for feedback on the product. Products arrive in the post so you can test them at home. Advertisement Another cool resource is BetaTesting. Many makeup and cosmetics companies look for consumers to try out new products. Get paid to test new products at home mascara, moisturizer, dental floss, etc.

Some fashion and beauty magazines also offer contests to be a reader tester. Look in your favorite magazine, fill out a survey and you might find a box of cosmetics at your door just waiting for your opinion. Companies want to know how you experience the makeup — is it good value for the price; how does it look on the face or lips; is it durable, easy to apply, and with a good color selection? You'll get to try out new products for yourself, as well as be a part of putting the "finishing touches" on makeup products for consumers everywhere.

Advertisement 8: Nike Product Tester If you're part of Nike's product testing program, you may get to try amazing sneakers like these designed by Ruohan Wang. Nike The Nike company offers athletes all over the United States the chance to test out its footwear and athletic apparel through its Nike Product Testing website.

Product testing happens either on-site with one day of trial or at home with several weeks or even months of testing. Potential testers fill out an online application and choose the category in which they wish to participate, then Nike contacts them to let them know whether they've been accepted to the program.

Nike is serious about its testing program, as the running shoes are not yet on the market and the field is very competitive. Nike can remove you for not returning reviews in a punctual manner or for violating confidentiality by posting pictures of a product online or wearing the footwear to a public racing event without permission. You also must immediately return the footwear after testing, so the designers at Nike can examine it for damage or wear and tear.

Advertisement 7: Consumer Taste Tester Consider your taste buds refined enough to recognize the subtleties of flavor? Try being a consumer taste tester. Some companies use marketing firms to set up taste panels, and some set up their own consumer taste-test programs and call on their consumer database when needed. As a taste tester, you can give your opinions on-site or at home. For example, the McCormick food company keeps a database of signed-up consumers, so they know whom to contact when they want to test foods on a specific demographic, and pays its participants.

Advertisement Taste testers help companies fine-tune their products. You taste a sample then answer some simple questions about the experience. You might be asked if a product is too salty, too sweet, too spicy, too bland, visually appealing — just about anything you can think of.

Of course, if you have food allergies like nuts, soy, gluten, eggs or other common ingredients, being a consumer taste tester may not be a safe job for you. One of the companies involved is Nielsen of the famous Nielsen family television surveys. It supplies consumer behavior to companies so the companies can make marketing decisions about their products, prices and inventory. If chosen as a panelist for NCP, you're not paid in cash or products, but you do earn points that you can later cash in for merchandise or cash cards.

Once you're an NCP panelist, you'll receive a hand scanner or more likely access to a mobile app. Then you use that app or scanner every time you go shopping. Scan the barcode of every object you purchase, and record where you shopped, how many items you bought and other relevant information. In addition to earning gift points, panelists also get automatic entry into monthly raffles and discounts at some retail stores [source: NCP ].

Advertisement 5: Parent Product Tester Do you have trouble finding the right toys for your child? As a parent product tester, you'll get to try out new products on someone else's dime. Unfortunately, another part of being a parent for many people is not having the money to try out every single variation. However, if you sign up on the myriad product testing sites geared toward mommy bloggers and parents, you'll receive free samples in the mail just about every day. PTPA tests and reviews children's products and gives the highest-rated ones its seal of approval.

If you live in North America, you can sign up to be a product tester and receive free products as well as access to contests and giveaways. Advertisement After you receive and use a product, you review and rate it for PTPA, which gives that information to the manufacturer for its marketing teams. The site also lists reviewed products for consumers, so they can see which products received the highest ratings.

Here is a career where you can drink on the job. Nice work if you can get it, a professional beer taster works for a specific brewery and travels to bars and pubs and ensures that its beer tastes the way it's supposed to. This means making sure it's being stored and served correctly, as well as kept at the right temperature. The technical name for this job is "beer quality technician," and the job doesn't just entail tasting the beer.

It also includes troubleshooting and pinpointing any issues with the keg lines or coolers [source: Merz ]. Advertisement Because of the technical aspects, this can be an on-call, hour-a-day job. Beer tasters check their products for the perfect pour, the right clarity, taste and aroma. And if the beer isn't up to snuff, they can ask a pub to stop serving the beer until the problem is resolved.

This means taking the car onto a private course and giving it a workout. If you can't afford a high-end car of your own, this is the next best thing!

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Product Report Card Next is the Product Report Card , which rewards its members for giving feedback on different products. You also get the chance to win Amazon gift codes and free products after you test them. The platform organizes focus group interviews too. Pinecone Research One of the trusted platforms that online product testers turn to is Pinecone Research , a US company owned by Nielsen. It gives you points for completing surveys on products, and you can convert them to cash, gift cards, or vouchers.

The platform works with homecare, sports, movies, music, recreation, TV shows, and beauty and health products. American Consumer Opinion American Consumer Opinion is a reliable in-home product testing and survey site. The platform gives you points when you complete surveys and test products to convert to money.

The demographics also affect how many surveys you get, and US residents get more products to review than other places. YouGov Another reliable to make money by product testing from home is with YouGov. They also give out products to test once in a while. You have to sign up and wait for testing invites.

User Testing User Testing is an excellent place to get legit product testing jobs, especially if you want to test electronics, software, automobiles, and hardware. The product testing platform has been running since , and you can join by first filling and submitting a sample test.

If you meet their requirements, you become a tester, regardless of where you are in the world. Toluna Toluna is well-known for being a survey platform, but you can also test beauty care, fitness, and food products on the forum. You need to sign up and complete surveys to receive points. There are also polls, online discussion forums, rating content, and more. Univox Community You can test products by signing on to the Univox Community website or downloading the app.

When you sign up, you get an instant bonus of points, and you win more points after submitting reviews and surveys. The testers are chosen randomly, and you can sign up within minutes. Ipsos i-Say i-Say is owned by Ipsos, a French-based market research company. They hire people to test products for money through PayPal, gift cards, virtual visa prepaid cards, vouchers, and Google Play apps. You can review food, cleaning, care, and beauty products from different brands, and you receive points.

PrizeRebel PrizeRebel is another free product testing platform that pays its members points to complete tasks, take surveys, and review products. You can convert the points to cash and gift cards. The platform accepts members from countries with a straightforward signup process. LifePoints We also recommend LifePoints for online product testers, as they offer cell phones, online streaming services, grocery stores, and online stores for you to test and review. You receive points whenever you try products along with freebies.

Users can convert the points to PayPal cash, virtual gift cards, or donations. OpinionBar OpinionBar is a dependable platform for completing market surveys and questionnaires. You can also test products, websites, and apps before launching. In many cases, you get to keep the products you review. It even allows you to register your children under age 18 to test the product.

You are rewarded with freebies after testing products and submitting your review on this platform. You need first to complete a questionnaire, and if you qualify, you get a product to try at home. They include healthcare, beauty, household, pets, baby and cleaning products, plus appliances and electronics. The platform is known for sending out thousands of products to parents for free, and the parents send back honest reviews. You need to volunteer to test products, but you receive a lot of freebies in return.

Influenster Influenster is an impressive platform for paid product testing jobs. Once you sign in and become a tester, you can submit reviews, list your favorite products and post them on social media. You can test food items, beauty brands, and personal care products. You fill online surveys, and the platform will match you with different brands. But, you only get free products but no cash. Choosing the right major is always an important step when researching how to become a product test specialist.

When we researched the most common majors for a product test specialist, we found that they most commonly earn bachelor's degree degrees or associate degree degrees. Other degrees that we often see on product test specialist resumes include master's degree degrees or high school diploma degrees.

You may find that experience in other jobs will help you become a product test specialist. In fact, many product test specialist jobs require experience in a role such as electronics technician. Meanwhile, many product test specialists also have previous career experience in roles such as test technician or engineering associate.

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Product Tester jobs available on almasky.co.uk Apply to Tester, Game Tester, Product Tester and more! Electrical Test Technician (VNA). Companies Offering Product Tester Jobs · User Testing · Pinecone Research · Friends & Neighbors · McCormick Consumer Test · Princeton Consumer. Product Review Jobs- Product Review Jobs is hiring paid product testers to work from home testing and reviewing products before they hit the.