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Each member of Congress handles his own hiring decisions. This requires some honesty and self-examination. Government employment, even down to the township level, is very competitive. Viewed as a secure, and often prestigious, career path, there will likely be many applicants for each position. Location is the first variable you can control. Most government jobs require that you live in the jurisdiction or can relocate in a short time, usually six months.

Don't apply for a public service job in another area unless you are prepared to move. You will have to be able to prove your right to work in the United States. All candidates for government employment will have to able to successfully complete an Employment Eligibility Verification form.

Commonly call an I-9, this form requires that you be able to produce two physical forms of identification from the approved list. The most common are your driver's license and Social Security card. You can also use a valid passport and other citizenship documents.

Make sure you have these documents in hand when you apply for work. Some government jobs, such as public works, maintenance, and mechanics may likely rely more on your experience. However, most government jobs will have very specific minimum education requirements.

Depending on your goals, review job listings to see the what level of education you will need to be considered for the position. Community college is a good place to gain basic skills such as typing, computer usage, basic foreign languages, and writing skills. If a government job description specifies a certain college or graduate degree, you will have to obtain it before you would be considered, even if you have significant experience.

Depending on the job, you can also expect to submit to pre-employment drug screens, background checks, and possibility security screenings. If you have any sort of criminal record, strongly consider talking with an attorney about the possibility of expunging your record before you apply for government employment. You can search for government jobs for free using the search functions and filters from the site and apply to jobs directly through the site or by going to the agency or company website.

Just like any other job search website, you can also open an account and upload your resume for the prospective employers to find you in the portal. Employers have to open a paid account to post jobs. Job seekers can open an account and upload their resume for free, but there is a paid Priority Resume Posting service that offers enhanced resume exposure and functionalities.

The website also offers additional resources, like, career advice, news, and community access, for job seekers and employers. Government Jobs Governmentjobs. You can open an account, upload your resume, and search for jobs for free. You can also apply to jobs and track your application progress directly from your account. Google Jobs The Google job search option can be a great tool for government job seekers.

Just type in search terms like: Government jobs [state, city, or county name], i. Indeed and Glassdoor Although most of the popular job boards for private job searching, like ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, and Monster, are not optimal for the government job search process, there are a few sites that post government jobs.

Indeed and Glassdoor are two popular job boards that congregate government job announcements from government career pages and other job boards. Apart from using the job title and location on the Indeed or Glassdoor search bar, you will need to use the company filter to specify the state, city, or other government entities, as your target employer to see only the jobs from those employers. However, you must keep in mind that your regular Indeed or Glassdoor resumes may not work when applying for government jobs.

Check the application requirements. The downside of searching for government jobs on a job search engine that is dedicated to private jobs is that the job postings get mixed up with private job listings. As the private job search websites seldom include the government entities in their company filters options, like Indeed and Glassdoor do, it becomes difficult to keep your search solely focused on the government jobs you want.

So, if you want to use any other private job boards, make sure their filters let you choose the government bodies you want to see jobs from. Learn more about an Indeed job search. You have to prove your worth to get any job, be it private or public. However, a bit of strategy always helps along the way. Here are 7 tips for getting a government job: Know Yourself. The age-old adage, but still holds so true. You must know your skills, knowledge, abilities, and interests to choose the jobs that suit you.

Search the Right Websites. Government job announcements are not available on every job board. Pick your job search websites according to the type of government jobs you want. Before you jump into applying for a government job, make sure you have researched the job from top to bottom. Double-check that you match all of the qualifications and eligibility requirements of the job. Update Your Government Resume. For any government application, you should always tailor your resume for each job you apply to.

Include the skills, experiences, and other details that match the job posting. Understand that the format of a federal government resume is much different than a civilian resume. Include All Required Documents. When applying to a federal government job, you will often need a few very important additional documents that are not required to apply for other jobs.

Competition is fierce for government jobs. Submit your application as soon as you can, but not at the expense of making mistakes. You still need a thorough and accurate application. Be Patient. The government hiring process can take much longer than that for a private-sector job. While you wait for a callback, use that time to prepare for interviews!

Which sector is better for your career — government or private? There is no one size fits all situation here. You may like private jobs and your friend may disagree. Government jobs offer more stability in terms of job security and career progression compared to private jobs.

The compensation package offered by the government is often much better than most similar private positions.