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Victorian local councils jobs interim local government jobs

Victorian local councils jobs

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Nominated referees may be contacted to obtain more information about you. The preferred applicant will be notified. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified. Referee Checks References provided by you may be contacted during the selection process. If you are a current employee of the Council and you have been selected for an interview and one of the panel members directly supervises you it is a requirement for you to obtain a referee report from them prior to the interview process starting. Criminal History Checks For all vacancies successful applicants will be required to provide a copy of their current Issued within the last 3 months criminal history check upon commencement.

If the applicant is unable to, a copy of the receipt of submission is required. Working with Children Clearance For some vacancies successful applicants will be required to obtain a working with children clearance upon commencement. We pay our respects to the Traditional Owners, their elders past, present and future, and to their cultures.

We provide opportunities for councillor networking, professional development and information exchange and we actively engage with key policymakers and broader stakeholders to inform, influence and lead the conversations that determine the priorities for the local government sector in Victoria and support good governance at the local level.

Our overriding value is to strengthen and support good governance in local government that will enable, promote and facilitate trust and confidence in the sector. Recruitment process Applications open on 8 November Early applications are highly encouraged. Candidates will be advised of the success of their application by 6 December Should a suitable candidate be found before the close of applications, the VLGA may close the application process early.

The Role This newly-created role is designed to assist the VLGA in supporting the local government sector to advance reconciliation with First Nations people in Victoria.

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