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Indeed .com job

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How to Start Searching for Jobs When you visit Indeed, you will see a simple search engine where you can enter keywords to find job vacancies. Advanced Search Options Job seekers who want a more focused list of vacancies can drill down on the next page. This tool enables users to sort jobs by exact keyword or phrase, company name, type of job internship, full-time, temporary, part-time , salary estimate, and age of the job listing.

You can also choose to only look at jobs posted on employer sites or only jobs from job boards, and include or exclude listings from staffing agencies. If location is important to you, you can also filter by various distances from a zip code, city, or state. Each job listing will include the job title, company name, location, and a brief description. Click on the Job Title Click on the bold job title to see a more detailed description of the job.

When you click on the job title, a new window will open with the job listing page. You'll be able to view the job description, required qualifications, and job location. This means that you can apply to them directly through Indeed. Once you click on the bold job title or blue button, you will see the full listing. If you are logged in to Indeed, your name, contact information, and resume will already be uploaded. Posting a Resume Users are also encouraged to post their resumes , making it easy for employers to search for candidates.

If you sign in to Indeed, you can even create your resume on the site. Upgrade to a Plus Account and take advantage of even more tools and services. You can: Match with employers by filling out a profile and let us do the rest. Receive invitations to apply from verified employers who will be able to see your profile and qualifications.

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Submit your application directly from the job posting with a pre-existing resume or one created with the Resume Builder. With a few simple clicks, you can upload within minutes and apply. Get more out of your job search with Job Bank Search for jobs To start searching for jobs , you can attend job fairs online or in person, use job boards and career websites or reach out directly to recruiters in a targeted company to broaden your network. Also, Job Bank offers a job search tool that allows you to browse through thousands of jobs across Canada and to apply filters that specify your needs.

While on the go, Job Bank mobile app is the perfect tool to search efficiently for jobs.

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Live well. In addition to our powerful mission of helping people get jobs, there are plenty of reasons to come work with us. View Benefits site Health From wellness programs that support you mentally and physically, to a variety of benefits to keep you and your families healthy and happy, Indeed's got you covered! Wealth Whether it's helping you prepare for retirement or compensating those who stay with us long term, we help Indeedians build their financial future!

Opportunity Our growth powers Indeed. Set Up Email Job Alerts You can set up email alerts for notifications about new jobs or recommendations for openings that might have otherwise gone overlooked. You can also configure how often or how many of these alerts you get on a given day, week, or month.

Click on the section header link to find out how to set up email job alerts to notify you about new job postings, plus additional information on how to edit and delete the alerts you receive from Indeed. How to Post Your Resume Like other job searching sites, Indeed lets you upload your resume for both easy access and to enable recruiter and hiring managers to view your public resume.

Here are instructions on how to post your resume , plus how to edit, share and delete your resume, and how to adjust privacy settings. Using Indeed to Find International Jobs Are you eager to travel and experience life abroad in a foreign country? Use search filters to peruse Indeed's international job listings aggregated from the leading job boards, content websites, newspapers, organizations, and company career pages of international employers.

Other Resources on Indeed. Learn more about the job you are searching for by using Indeed to search salaries. Use the Indeed. You can refine your search to determine average salaries throughout the United States or in specific states or major cities. Indeed has job search plugins for Firefox, an application for your mobile device, a button for your Google Toolbar, and more services from Indeed. Create a my. Some employers use Indeed's Text2Apply service.

With those companies, you will be able to apply for jobs by text. Key Takeaways Indeed. To find jobs relevant to you, narrow your search using filters available on the site. Setting up alerts and downloading the app can help stay on top of new listings and previous applications. Want to read more content like this?