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Jobs for 15 year olds fedex near me jobs

Jobs for 15 year olds

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Grocery Stores that Hire at 15 Another place that hires at 15 are grocery stores. Lots of grocery stores hire younger workers do to everything from stacking shelves to working at the register. Most stores have positions available for year-olds. So, check with your nearest location to find out whether or not its hiring. There are lots of positions available like grocery clerk, bakery clerk, and floral clerk. Some locations, like stores in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, will hire year-olds.

Just call your local store to get more information on the hiring age for certain positions. Giant Eagle has more than locations in the United States, with most of its stores being located in Ohio, and others in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Indiana.

The store employees year-olds — and year-olds too! Jobs can include working at the deli, shopping cart attendant, bakery clerk, or shelf-stacking. Check with your local store for openings and age requirements for employees. The store hires year-olds. You can find a variety of different jobs here, like deli clerk, floral associate, cake decorator, cashier, bagger, and shelf-stacker. Kroger Kroger is a popular grocery retailer with more than 2, locations throughout the United States.

The company does hire at 15 in certain states where state laws allow it. Just check with your local store to see what their age requirements are for employees. Now, if you do find work at your local Kroger, roles can include bagger and stocker. Safeway Next on the list we have Safeway.

There are more than Safeway locations across the United States. My husband worked in Safeway when he was 16 years old, but the company actually hires younger than that. For some positions, Safeway hires 14 and year-olds. But, there are plenty of roles available, like grocery bagger, shelf-stacker, and cashier.

Publix Next on the list we have Publix. It hires at 15, with roles available like clerk, bagger, cashier, and service desk clerk. Wegmans Next on the list is Wegmans. So if you live in one of those states, you could have a Wegmans store near you.

It is one of the largest private companies in the country with 52, employees. Also, the age minimum can be older than 15 in certain states. So check with your local store to find out what opportunities, if any, are available to year-olds. It has more than supermarkets throughout the country with stores located in eight Midwestern states.

The minimum age to work at most Hy-Vee stores is However, some stores hire as young as 14 because many Hy-Vee stores are independently operated and are able to set their own policy. Just ask at your local store what the age requirements are for employees. But, you could have a store near you. King Soopers Another grocery store that hires year-olds is King Soopers. King Soopers has stores in the United States, and of them are in Colorado.

So if you live in Colorado, then consider working at King Soopers. Like Kroger, King Soopers also hires at You could work as a courtesy clerk at your local store. This can be a fun job if you love movies. In some states, AMC Theatres hires year-olds, and even year-olds. The theater offers lots of jobs, like ticket selling, being an usher, working at the snack bar, cleaning, and ticket collecting. Check with your local theater to see whether they have any job openings for year-olds. But, both operate independently of each other.

But, the minimum age requirement varies depending on the position. You can view the age requirement on the job posting. Hersheypark hires at It even has a section of jobs just for 14 to 15 year-olds. You get lots of benefits too, like free admission to Hersheypark, free tickets for family and friends, and discounts at Hersheypark.

There are jobs available in lots of different fields like retail and food and beverage, as well as lifeguard jobs. You could be a game attendant, a food service employee, and lots of other roles. The jobs offered vary from location to location and from season to season.

The options that are available will depend on your local area. Some places to look out for jobs include: Bowling alleys. Beyond interacting with customers and making coffee, you may be required to do light cleaning, light food preparation, work the cash register, among other responsibilities. This job will give you customer service, problem-solving, and organization skills. Retail clerks can be responsible for everything from greeting customers to helping them find the perfect product to checking them out of the store.

Depending on the store, you may also pick up some knowledge about a specific industry which can be helpful for your resume. This job will give you extensive customer service, sales, and marketing skills. For jobs at major retailers like Costco or Walmart, you may be required to lift heavier items. This type of job will arm you with customer service, attention to detail, and efficiency skills. Consider becoming a game operator , where you either encourage individuals to interact with a game or oversee an amusement park ride like a rollercoaster.

This job will teach you responsibility, attention to detail, and how to work well in a team environment. This job will likely have some downtime where you may be asked to handle additional responsibilities such as light cleaning.

This type of job will teach you customer service, assertion, and attention to detail skills. Bagging may require some heavy lifting, but the job will teach you how to effectively serve and interact with all types of customers. This is another job that can adequately prepare you for the customer service world, as well as how to work well in a team environment.

Depending on the ice cream shop, you may also be responsible for cashiering, inventory, and light cleaning. If you live in a community with children, consider advertising your services yourself through word-of-mouth or consider a service such as Care. Being a babysitter or nanny can be beneficial for individuals who may be interested in working at a daycare, as a schoolteacher, or with special needs children. This type of job teaches you problem-solving, responsibility, and organization skills.

Many people who work full time or travel frequently may need someone to care for their beloved pet. This job helps you gain responsibility, organization, and animal service experience. This is a great option for anyone who is looking to make extra cash or even consider a future career in veterinary services or animal health. With a hose, soap, and a sponge, you can clean most cars while earning some money too.

This type of job can teach you problem-solving, sales, and marketing skills. This is a simple job with few requirements that take minimal training. This job may also require additional tasks such as organization, inventory, and light cleaning. This job typically requires basic cleaning skills as well as some heavy lifting. This job can teach you how to be efficient, network, and pay attention to the details.

Consider getting your work out of the way first thing in the morning so that your afternoons are free. Newspaper delivery takes no experience, just good aim, and a friendly smile. If you love plants and the outdoors, this job can be the perfect fit. Working in this field will teach you botany, customer service, sales, and marketing. Lifeguarding can be both easy and hard work, depending on where you work.

However, most of your job will be sitting outdoors and enjoying time with your colleagues. This type of position can teach you customer service, problem-solving, and team management skills. This is a great way to meet new people and hone your customer service skills.

Depending on the golf course, you may get certain perks for working at a golf course, such as free access to play, among other things. If you have special interests in certain subjects or excelled highly in school, then becoming a tutor is a great opportunity for young teens. This is a great job for individuals who may be interested in teaching jobs in the future.

If you have an interest in a specific sport, not only can this job make you some extra income, but it can be extremely rewarding. This type of position will hone your listening, attention to detail, and customer service skills. It will also teach you how to work in a restaurant environment with all different types of individuals.

All types of companies need customer service individuals from retail to retention jobs. Depending on where you work, you can even network and learn more about the specific industry you may be interested in. You and your services may be able to meet them in the middle to earn you some money while helping someone out.

This is a great way to build your portfolio as a web designer , as well. This type of job can hone many skills, including writing, editing, proofreading, and sales and marketing. This is relatively easy work, although it requires heavy lifting. Being a busser can give you the opportunity to learn more about the restaurant industry or get your foot in the door to work in the kitchen.

This is another way to get a good idea of what working in a restaurant looks like on the inside while networking with different colleagues to get an idea of what you might like to do. Dishwashing itself is relatively easy, leaving you with the freedom to explore other jobs you may be interested in for the future. This job requires greeting customers and seating them appropriately. If you like a restaurant and want to work there as a server , starting out as a host or hostess is a perfect way to understand the lay of the land and get your foot in the door.

The job is relatively simple and can teach you skills in financials, customer service, and problem-solving. Along with serving customers, you may also be required to keep inventory and do some light cleaning. If you have experience with painting, you can offer your services to those who need them. Painting can be hard work, and many times, people would prefer to pay someone to do it rather than doing it themselves.

Just be sure you have the right tools and skill set before you start taking customers. There are still many jobs for high school students. You can create your own business and do odd jobs for people, such as babysitting, yard work, pet sitting and dog walking, cleaning houses, teaching people how to use social media, etc. How awesome is that? One of the biggest employers of young people is the retail industry.

Companies like Aeropostale , Target, Wal-Mart — you get the idea. All of these retail stores love to hire teens and give them a chance at their first job. Food service. There are a lot of opportunities as a food service worker. You can cook food, serve it, work on a line, prepare food, clean and sanitize public areas, and take orders over the phone or online.