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Jobs that are secure

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Most job descriptions will state whether remote work is an option. If working from home is a priority for you, you can find listings on Dice and NinjaJobs. Research shows that Python is among the key skills needed for a career in cybersecurity [ 2 ].

Browse job descriptions to determine whether programming will be necessary to obtain your desired role. If you are able to secure an entry-level position without programming skills, you may want to consider gaining that knowledge over time. But in reality, as an employee, you are in the driver seat of your career.

And there are things that you do have control over to help impact your own job security. Seek out learning opportunities Learning new skills can do no harm to your career. In fact, quite the opposite. Consider ways you can create learning pathways in your current role. For example, you might volunteer for projects out of your comfort zone. Or you might attend a training or class to build a new skill.

Whatever the learning opportunity looks like, keep an open mind. You never know how learning opportunities might benefit your career journey. Build and nurture relationships Social capital and networks play a larger role than you may think in your career. Try expanding your network and building new relationships. New connections can open up the door for new opportunities. You might also consider ways you can either work with a mentor or serve as a mentor for someone else.

A personal guide in the form of a coach can help you build your career roadmap. How many meetings we attend. How many projects we manage to get done on a quarterly basis. I thought that if I put in enough hours, showed up to work at 6 a. But what I found was rock bottom.

My mental health and well-being suffered dramatically. And as one would predict, I burned out fast. As an employee, the strength of your mental fitness is a key predictor of how you show up in the workplace. They need harmony between work and life. They need to feel valued as whole people and humans first.

Be cognizant of the boundary lines and clear in your expectations. How to handle a living without job security Living with job insecurity is taxing mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially. Forbes has cited the impact of job security on mental health. Mental well-being Maintain work-life balance. Try to keep work-life balance a priority as much as possible. It can be as simple as taking a minute walk every morning.

Or doing a second meditation before a big meeting. Create a positive work environment. Even something as simple as a plant or a candle can help brighten your space — and it makes a difference in your mental health. No matter what your work environment looks like physically, consider ways you can create social connections at work.

This may look like a coffee with someone new every week. Or maybe you join an employee resource group ERG or club. Seek out ways to bring more positivity into your workplace. Financial well-being Control your expenses. You might need to re-examine your budget and evaluate priorities. Consider ways you can cut down your expenses without too much impact on your overall well-being.

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