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Recruit jobs

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According to Ipsos Media Atlas , Recruit magazine has the most reach of readers who are degree holders or above amongst other recruitment publications in Hong Kong. The job portal lists job vacancies under more than 50 industries in real time and it acquires over , job seeker members and over 10 million page view on average.

Recruit Mobile App Having foreseen the popularity of the use of smartphone, Recruit launched Recruit mobile apps in The app synchronizes with Recruit. With over , installations until now, the app is widely used by mobile users. Recruit Job Fair Recruit is dedicated to providing full services to jobseekers and recruitment advertisers.

Starting from , Recruit has extended to the services to organize career fair. Over 93 education and career fairs were organized. This is based on the notion that something may be wrong with anyone who wants to leave his or her current job. The number one factor that would encourage the former to move is more money. For active candidates the top factor is better work and career opportunities. More active than passive job seekers report that they are passionate about their work, engaged in improving their skills, and reasonably satisfied with their current jobs.

They seem interested in moving because they are ambitious, not because they want higher pay. I know of no evidence that passive candidates become better employees, let alone that the process is cost-effective. If you focus on passive candidates, think carefully about what that actually gets you. Better yet, check your data to find out. Understand the limits of referrals. It seems like a cheap way to go, but does it produce better hires?

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Many employers think so. A downside to referrals, of course, is that they can lead to a homogeneous workforce, because the people we know tend to be like us. This matters greatly for organizations interested in diversity, since recruiting is the only avenue allowed under U.

The Supreme Court has ruled that demographic criteria cannot be used even to break ties among candidates. Measure the results. Tata is an exception: It has long done what I advocate. For college recruiting, for example, it calculates which schools send it employees who perform the best, stay the longest, and are paid the lowest starting wage.

Persuade fewer people to apply. Contrary to the popular belief that the U. Unfortunately, the main effort to improve hiring—virtually always aimed at making it faster and cheaper—has been to shovel more applicants into the funnel. Employers do that primarily through marketing, trying to get out the word that they are great places to work.

The Grass Is Always Greener Organizations are much more interested in external talent than in their own employees to fill vacancies. Here are the top channels for quality hires. Much better to go in the other direction: Create a smaller but better-qualified applicant pool to improve the yield. Every application also exposes a company to legal risk, because the company has obligations to candidates not to discriminate, for example just as it does to employees.

More than a generation ago the psychologist John Wanous proposed giving applicants a realistic preview of what the job is like. That still makes sense as a way to head off those who would end up being unhappy in the job. Marriott has done the same, even for low-level employees. During the dot-com boom Texas Instruments cleverly introduced a preemployment test that allowed applicants to see their scores before they applied.

How to determine which candidates to hire—what predicts who will be a good employee—has been rigorously studied at least since World War I. The personnel psychologists who investigated this have learned much about predicting good hires that contemporary organizations have since forgotten, such as that neither college grades nor unstructured sequential interviews hopping from office to office are a good predictor, whereas past performance is.

There is remarkably little consensus even among experts. There is general agreement, however, that testing to see whether individuals have standard skills is about the best we can do. Can the candidate speak French?

Can she do simple programming tasks? And so forth. But just doing the tests is not enough. The economists Mitchell Hoffman, Lisa B. Kahn, and Danielle Li found that even when companies conduct such tests, hiring managers often ignore them—and when they do, they get worse hires. The psychologist Nathan Kuncel and colleagues discovered that even when hiring managers use objective criteria and tests, applying their own weights and judgment to those criteria leads them to pick worse candidates than if they had used a standard formula.

What are they doing instead? Seventy-four percent do drug tests, including for marijuana use; even employers in states where recreational use is now legal still seem to do so. Be wary of vendors bearing high-tech gifts. Into the testing void has come a new group of entrepreneurs who either are data scientists or have them in tow. They bring a fresh approach to the hiring process—but often with little understanding of how hiring actually works.

John Sumser, of HRExaminer, an online newsletter that focuses on HR technology, estimates that on average, companies get five to seven pitches every day—almost all of them about hiring—from vendors using data science to address HR issues.

These vendors have all sorts of cool-sounding assessments, such as computer games that can be scored to predict who will be a good hire. That aside, these assessments have spawned a counterwave of vendors who help candidates learn how to score well on them.

Lloyds Bank, for example, developed a virtual-reality-based assessment of candidate potential, and JobTestPrep offers to teach potential candidates how to do well on it. Especially for IT and technical jobs, cheating on skills tests and even video interviews where colleagues off camera give help is such a concern that eTeki and other specialized vendors help employers figure out who is cheating in real time.

Revamp your interviewing process. The amount of time employers spend on interviews has almost doubled since , according to research from Glassdoor. How much of that increase represents delays in setting up those interviews is impossible to tell, but it provides at least a partial explanation for why it takes longer to fill jobs now.

Just winging it and asking whatever comes to mind is next to useless. More important, interviews are where biases most easily show up, because interviewers do usually decide on the fly what to ask of whom and how to interpret the answer. For example, does the fact that an applicant belonged to a fraternity reflect experience working with others or elitism or bad attitudes toward women?

Should it be completely irrelevant? Letting someone with no experience or training make such calls is a recipe for bad hires and, of course, discriminatory behavior. Think hard about whether your interviewing protocols make any sense and resist the urge to bring even more managers into the interview process.

Recognize the strengths and weaknesses of machine learning models. Culture fit is another area into which new vendors are swarming. Typically they collect data from current employees, create a machine learning model to predict the attributes of the best ones, and then use that model to hire candidates with the same attributes.

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Recruiter Responsibilities: Identifying future hiring needs and developing job descriptions and specifications. Collaborating with department managers to compile a consistent list of requirements. Attracting suitable candidates through databases, online employment forums, social media, etc.

Conducting interviews and sorting through applicants to fill open positions. Assessing applicants' knowledge, skills, and experience to best suit open positions. Completing paperwork for new hires. Promoting the company's reputation and attractiveness as a good employment opportunity. Managing internship programs. Keeping up-to-date on current employment legislation and regulations and enforcing them within the company. Providing recruitment reports to team managers. Recruiter Requirements: A bachelor's degree in human resources.

Identifies and implements efficient and effective recruiting methods and strategies based on the available role, industry standards, and the needs of the organization. Screens applications and recommends qualified candidates. Schedules interviews; preparation of interview questions and other hiring and selection materials. Set up of interviewing environment to ensure a comfortable interviewing environment.

Assists with the interview process, may attend and conduct interviews with managers, directors, and other team members. Checks candidates references and credentials, verifying experience and backgrounds. Organizes and attends job fairs, campus events, and other networking opportunities. Performs other duties as assigned.

Excellent interpersonal skills with managers and supervisors at all levels within the organization. Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail Excellent time management skills with ability to meet deadlines. Ability to act with integrity, professionalism and confidentiality. Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite. BA degree in Business Administration or related field with one year of human resource experience preferred.

Recruiter Job summary 2 As a Recruiter, you will schedules interviews and phone screens while working directly with candidates and hiring managers. A Recruiter handles high-volume calls and e-mail interaction with candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers. Develops candidate attraction and sourcing strategies by effectively marketing opportunities.

Articulates and negotiates all aspects of the job offer with candidates including salary, stock options, benefits, bonuses, relocation, etc. Follows-up correspondence to candidates on recruiting status via phone and e-mail. Maintains accurate candidate records on the internal applicant tracking system. Develops recruiting strategies. Consults with recruiters, interviewers and hiring managers to establish solid working relationships. Identifies opportunities for improving overall candidate experience and scheduling efficiency while utilizing headhunting strategies to identify and attract the top talent.

Assists with coordinating other recruiting activities as needed. Must be able to handle high-volume work efficiently. Natural collaborator and successful in building internal relationships. Strong planning, communication, and time management skills, as well as strong written and verbal communication skills. Ability to deal with ambiguity in day to day process.

Excellent interpersonal, customer service, and multitasking skills. Demonstrate the ability to assess situations and change directions based on priorities. Strong planning, organizing, coordinating skills. Demonstrate initiative and positive proactive mindset. Must work independently and with a team of peer level admins when required. Ability to proactively identify and escalate issues.

Understands, articulates, and sells company offerings, culture, and business initiatives. Recruiter Job summary 3 Are you looking for a more seasoned recruiting position? Are you a naturally organized, self-starter with high attention to detail?

Do you thrive working in a fast paced and team oriented environment? Do you get excited about finding, screening, or closing top talent? If this sounds like you, then our client has the perfect opportunity. We are looking for a Recruiter to help us find, assess, and land the best talent from around the world. Heavy e-mail and phone interaction with recruiters and hiring managers. Articulating and negotiating all aspects of the job offer with candidates including salary, stock options, benefits, bonuses, relocation, etc.

Maintain pipeline of qualified candidates to deliver against immediate priorities. Develop, influence, and execute sourcing strategies for passive and active candidates. In this role you will leverage a range of sourcing tactics to build and develop a talent pipeline.

Specifically, the Recruiter will manage candidate research, generation and assessment. The ideal candidate will have experience working with a passive, competitive technical market and enjoy building out high quality talent pipeline s and delivering talent market insights back to the recruiting teams to help inform our overall talent sourcing strategies.

Develop prospects into candidates. Engage, sustain relationships, screen and interview. Continually contribute to the knowledge base of the group sharing new information about industries and talent pool s or profile types. Provide strategic guidance and become an advisor to executive leadership in matters related to top talent. Clear written and spoken communication. Experience in negotiation, advising and influencing executive leadership.

Proven ability to keep up with a fast-paced environment.

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