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The training consists of two-year consecutive work-based experience under the direction of a pharmacist or pharmacy technicians for not less than 14 hours a week. The knowledge course will either be studied, as day-release or block release at a local college, or by distance learning depending on the training provider. You'll study a variety of topics such as: human physiology actions and uses of medicines pharmacy manufacturing pharmacy law Career pathway for pharmacy technicians In the hospital service, there are several grades for qualified pharmacy technicians.

Senior technicians can specialise in a range of pharmaceutical services while a chief technician is often responsible for managing a section of the pharmacy department. The opportunities for specialisation and increased responsibility extend with experience. There are a number of management, administration and specialist roles undertaken by pharmacy technicians. Professional recognition for pharmacy technicians Further information about the role of pharmacy technicians is available from the Association of Pharmacy Technicians , who are the professional leadership body for pharmacy technicians in the UK.

They do general duties in community pharmacies. These duties include: sale of over the counter medicines giving information to customers on symptoms and products prescription receipt and collection the assembly of prescribed items including the generation of labels ordering and receiving and storing pharmaceutical stock preparation for the manufacture of pharmaceutical products including aseptic products manufacture and assembly of medicinal products including aseptic products Skills and training needed to be a dispensing assistant You should have: an ability to communicate well good organisations skills Trainees are mostly given on-the-job training.

There are no formal entry requirements. Medicines counter assistant Medicine counter assistants should be able to communicate well as the role includes lots of contact with the public. You should also be able to work well as part of a team. Training Trainees are mostly given on-the-job training and many of the larger pharmaceutical companies provide accredited in-house training courses. Details of other accredited courses are available from the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland.

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There are no formal education requirements. Chat with a careers adviser Careers webchat is available from 9. In many cases, internships are used as talent spotting exercises for a company's graduate scheme. The Wellcome Trust also offers science-based internships. If you're struggling to gain a place on a formal internship programme try applying speculatively to local laboratories, hospital and university departments and research and development centres.

Search for science and pharmaceuticals work experience. Can I do a science and pharmaceutical graduate scheme? GSK offer a Future Leaders Programme , while the NHS also offers a scientist training programme in areas such as infection sciences, reconstructive science and vascular science.

You can search for graduate science and pharmaceutical jobs in trade magazines and the specialist press, such as New Scientist, or through sector-specific recruitment agencies. Professional bodies such as the British Pharmacological Society BPS advertise graduate roles too and also provide advice to job hunters.

Advertisement Can I do an apprenticeship? Lasting between one and four years, apprenticeships are an excellent alternative to university. By taking this route you could become a laboratory technician, science manufacturing technician or pharmacy assistant. Pfizer offer a range of apprenticeships spanning from Levels 2 to 7 and lasting anywhere between 12 months to five years.

Schemes cover all areas of the business with science pathways including technician scientist, laboratory scientist and science manufacturing technician. GSK runs a range of advanced, higher and degree apprenticeships, including their pharmaceutical technical programme, laboratory science programme and research and development manufacturing science scheme. At AstraZeneca you can take part in a number of science apprenticeships including clinical trials specialist, medical device engineer, healthcare science practitioner, bioinformatician, technician scientist and laboratory scientist.

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These types of professions include veterinarians, doctors, teachers, or even park rangers. With our map, you can click the Job Titles and learn more specific information for each position what their responsibilities are, how much they get paid, etc. But here, we wanted to call out some of the most common jobs for recent Pharmacy major grads.

Just like you. Here are some common entry-level jobs for recent grads like you: Pharmacist Laboratory Technician Why are there so many Laboratory Technicians? A lot of Pharmacy students choose the major because it coincides with pharmacy and other healthcare professional school requirements.

And since it often takes more than one round of applications to get accepted, this is a popular job for building up their applications. As a medical lab tech, you'll collect samples and perform tests to analyze body fluids, tissue, and other substances. Both technicians and technologists perform tests and procedures that physicians and surgeons or other healthcare personnel order. However, technologists -- which require more education -- perform more complex tests and laboratory procedures than technicians do.

For example, technologists may prepare specimens and perform detailed manual tests, whereas technicians perform routine tests that may be more automated. Medical laboratory technicians usually work under the general supervision of medical laboratory technologists or laboratory managers. What about that cold hard cash, though? Pharma jobs are on a relative boom, with the expiration of a lot of name-brand drugs expiring. You can get an entry-level job with just a BS, typically as research assistants or research technicians.

Scientists, as well as medical professionals, can also focus on related administrative roles, including data entry , survey interviews and as research associates. Decide what your key motivators are. It your focus salary, stability or personal fulfillment? Get some serious lab experience. The most important thing a chemistry major can do is gain exposure in the lab.

Showing a potential employer that you've worked in, and are familiar with lab equipment -- which will be your chief tool -- can greatly increase your chances of landing a job. An internship will help you here, but any type of experience you can get with lab procedures, LIMS, and report writing is critical. Familiarize yourself with computers Bioinformatics , biotechnology and other data-based fields are booming with career opportunities.

People working in these field must have a solid background in chemistry, math and computer science with an emphasis on quantitative reasoning -- so go get some. Two of the biggest umbrellas being agriculture and the environment, which gives you the opportunity to do "wet bench" research, meaning researchers do much of the at-the-lab-bench research work.

Those jobs are generally available to scientists with an undergraduate degree, with many companies providing career ladders to help with advancement. Continuing Education and Certifications All states license pharmacists. After they finish the Pharm. Applicants also must complete a number of hours as an intern, which varies by state. Pharmacists who administer vaccinations and immunizations need to be certified in most states.

States typically use the American Pharmacists Association's Pharmacy-Based Immunization Delivery program as a qualification for certification. Pharmacists also may choose to earn a certification to show their advanced level of knowledge in a certain area. For instance, a pharmacist may become a Certified Diabetes Educator , a qualification offered by the National Certification Board for Diabetes Educators, or earn certification in a specialty area, such as nutrition or oncology, from the Board of Pharmacy Specialties.

Certifications from both organizations require varying degrees of work experience, as well as passing an exam and paying a fee. Admissions requirements vary by program, however, all Doctor of Pharmacy programs require applicants to take postsecondary courses such as chemistry, biology , and anatomy. Most programs require at least 2 years of undergraduate study, although some require a bachelor's degree.

Some schools admit high school graduates into a 6-year program. A Pharm. Students also complete supervised work experiences, sometimes referred to as internships, in different settings such as hospitals and retail pharmacies. Other degrees Some pharmacists who own their own pharmacy may choose to get a master's degree in business administration MBA in addition to their Doctor of Pharmacy degree. Others may get a degree in public health.

Residency Following graduation from a Pharm. Pharmacists who choose to complete the 2-year residency option receive additional training in a specialty area such as internal medicine or geriatric care. Medical Technologist certification If lab jobs aren't falling into your lap and you're interested in healthcare -- as many of you bio majors are would-be doctors -- consider becoming a medical technologist. The certification can take another year if you don't have the prerequisites -- which are similar to pre-med's -- but it places you in a medical lab setting, typically in a hospital.

The BLS predicts double-digit job growth for technologists, so this is a safe bet for your career. External Resources If you're still not sure what to do with your degree or could use some help making yourself even more competitive, here are some external sites to help you with your decision: NSF REU Sites If your school wasn't helpful in placing you with some research opportunities, try the government's site.

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