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Resume Format Pick the right resume format for your situation. How to Write a Resume Learn how to make a resume that gets interviews. Resume Help Improve your resume with help from expert guides. When your resume is considered for a role, your past job titles will likely draw first attention. A job title should accurately reflect your level and role within the organization so it can contribute meaningfully to your resume. If possible, your past job titles should display a narrative of progression throughout your career.

Bear in mind your job title will also be featured in any references you receive from the company , so ensure it is accurate and helps you to sell yourself. It is also important to understand job titles when you are looking at career development. An awareness of what different job titles reflect in terms of level, responsibility and remuneration will help you to target your job search to roles appropriate to you.

How to Use Job Titles as a Job Seeker If you are looking for a new job, searching for and securing your desired role can be made easier and more efficient by using job titles appropriately. Job titles can be meaningfully utilized by job hunters in the following ways: To help search for a job opportunity — Job postings contain keywords to reach the audience they aim to attract — one of these key phases is the job title itself.

When searching for opportunities on career sites , using job titles as keywords will refine your search to return opportunities of interest at the appropriate level. To give an accurate reflection of your job history on your resume — It is important to use fitting job titles on your resume as they represent the breadth of your responsibility in past roles — condensed into a few easily consumable words. The job title of a role gives an impression of its level, complexity and the talent and skills required.

Ensure recruiters come to the correct assumptions about your suitability for a role by maximizing your use of job titles. To beat applicant tracking system ATS technology — It is important to reflect the title of the job you are applying for within your resume and cover letter.

Most organizations screen applications using ATS technology which is programmed to recognize keywords and phrases, such as job title matches. To conduct scoping research into jobs — Sites like Glassdoor allow employees and job seekers to research average salaries by industry, role and location.

They also provide information relating to the experiences of people in similar roles across companies or employees within a certain company. They are also beneficial for displaying a career ladder within an organization, attracting new talent and encouraging employees to strive for the next promotion.

Having a structured organizational set of job titles with clear progression pathways will help to highlight future career routes within the company. They determine compensation — Job titles are often used to indicate job levels. These levels help to keep track of employee progression and are also tied to salary brackets. A job title, therefore, specifies the level of compensation for the role.

Keeping track of employees in this way helps to ensure labor vacancies are filled through the recruitment of a position of the appropriate level, both in terms of company budget and candidate experience. They are useful for administration — During the recruitment process, assigning a role to a specific job title helps to identify the vacancy amongst others and track applications.

A job reference may also be added to aid this process.

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What is a job title? A job title is. › Career Blog. Massive list of job titles grouped by fields like business, IT, sales, office, construction, customer service, and more.