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Jobs hiring near me for 15

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Jobs for administrative assistant Note that some sites require a monthly fee to view and apply to listings. We caught up with Kelsey to welcome her to head office and hear a bit more about her Morrisons career so far: 'I started in Morrisons as a customer assistant on Amazon in Reddish in when I left college South Africa. Resume Builder Create a resume in 5 minutes. Designers can work from home on the weekend. Anyone that has this app and is looking for honest job, be careful and pay attention to what and how the emails and text message is delivered to you.
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For local jobs Ski instructors assess skiers' abilities, as well as explain and demonstrate an appropriate technique to enhance performance. Types of Available Jobs Some jobs are available for weekend work because you can set your own schedule. Customer service representatives need to be patient disgruntled customers and have strong listeningverbal communication, and problem-solving skills. Get the job you want. Learn about our editorial policies Updated on July 06, Why work during weekends? Resume Templates Find the perfect resume template. Find open hourly store and supply chain roles through interacting with our map search.

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Is the Chick-fil-A hiring age 14? The age Chick-fil-A will start hiring is based on specific state laws, especially 14 and year-olds. The best practice is to call or visit your Chick-fil-A locations nearby and ask the minimum applicant age and the process to get hired. Available jobs vary by each store location. The fast-food restaurant values teenager. The CEO interview with Wisconsin Public Radio in talks about him raising the youth wage for 14, 15, 16, and year-old teenagers.

Separately, he raised the wages for workers 18 and older on a different wage scale as well. They follow the required minimum wage state mandates for 14 and year-olds. Sixteen years old is the preferable Dairy Queen applicant age, but they make exceptions. Is the Dairy Queen hiring age 14? The hiring age is as low as 14 in some states and franchisees. A year-old team member at Dairy Queen can potentially do the following: Front counter — cashier Grill staff — less likely at age 14 or 15 Where do I send a Dairy Queen applications near me?

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Go to the Dairy Queen website to browse current job openings at locations nearby. Also, look up and call the closest stores and ask about hiring details. Dairy Queen tends to be busier in the summer, and they need additional help when the teams stop by after the game for ice cream and food. Yes, they are the largest fast-food restaurant chain and located in every state with their iconic golden arches.

Some employee benefits include training, free or discounted meals, discounts at other retailers, even college scholarships, and much more. Some fast food stores are open hours and offer flexible work schedules. Each store location is required to be open before the first day of spring and stay open until the third Sunday each September. Starbucks Starbucks has over 15, locations in all 50 states. What is Starbucks hiring age? Most Starbucks locations have a hiring age of 16, but in Montana, the minimum hiring age is 14 years old.

I would advise stopping by at a potentially slower time and ask to speak with a manager about being a barista. See our guide on whether Starbucks takes EBT. They serve over 40 million customers each week. Does Taco Bell hire at 14?

They like taking younger teenagers and help teach and build a good work ethic. The age requirement will vary by state. Taco Bell benefits for employees include flexible work schedules, meal discounts, and more. Grocery Stores That Hire at 14 and 15 Grocery stores are a consistent business that has customers every day of the week and multiple trucks that need unloading daily.

Most grocery stores will hire 14 and 15 years old if local labor laws permit. Part-time employees can potentially receive nice benefits from scholarships to discounts. Grocery stores that hire at 14 and 15 tend to start them off as baggers. Kroger Kroger grocery has over 3, stores in over 40 states in the United States. They are only the second largest grocery store behind Walmart. Does Kroger hire year-olds? Kroger, and its affiliates, do have part-time jobs for year-olds. A 14 or year-old can do tasks like bagging groceries, carrying bags to the cars, or restocking shelves in the store.

Check your local Kroger branded grocery store to confirm they will hire young teenagers aged 14 or See Kroger near me jobs here. Employee benefits at Kroger include brand discounts, tuition assistance, and more. Publix Publix grocery has over 1, stores in 7 states in the southeastern US. See their check cashing and money order policies for employees. What is the minimum age to work at Publix?

Depending on location in the seven states, Publix does have jobs for 14 and year-olds. Jobs for teenagers can include collecting carts, floral design, customer service desk clerk, restocking shelves, or baggers. You can find a job application form online , attend a job fair, or visit a Publix store nearby.

Employee benefits at Publix include free flu shots, tuition reimbursement opportunities, and more. They sell some of the cheapest foods to buy on your grocery list and one of the few places to buy dry ice. Does Safeway hire at 14? Yes, at select locations, Safeway grocery stores hire at 14 and 15 years old.

Most young teenagers will be bagging groceries, restocking shelves, and collecting carts. Eligible Safeway part-time employee benefits include health, dental, and more. See the details of the benefits here. Wegmans Wegmans supermarket chain has over locations in 7 states in the eastern United States. The hiring age at Wegmans is a minimum of 15 years old. Some states and departments may require a teenager older than 15 years old. What are the Wegmans part-time benefits?

Benefits for employees include scholarship opportunities, health plan, flexible scheduling, and more. Movie Theaters That Hire at 14 and 15 Some teenagers view working at a theater as a way to get paid to watch movies. They are sort of right, especially if you love watching movies. Work at a local place that has fantastic smelling buttered popcorn, then after your shift, you can watch movie trailers and movies for free. Go to your local theatre and get an application for their busy blockbuster summer months.

They are the largest movie theatre chain in the US, Europe, and the world. What age does AMC Theaters hire? Many theatres have a hiring age as low as 14 or 15 years old. You can either get an AMC Theaters job application online or apply at your nearby location.

Employment benefits include free movies, scholarship opportunities via AMC Cares for associates and family members, discount on drinks and food, flexible hours per week, and career advancement. If you like movies, it could be a great place to work with fun employee benefits, like seeing all the new movie releases. Amusement Parks That Hire at 14 and 15 Local amusement parks and waterparks hire hundreds to thousands of teenagers every summer.

Finding a part-time job for a 14 and year-old is easy from taking tickets to making cotton candy. On your days off, you can ride unlimited roller coasters and waterslides. The parks are across the US and are approximately 4, acres of land each. The parks include concerts, game venues, restaurants, themed areas, thrill rides, water attractions and retail stores that hire at 15 and What age does Six Flags hire?

Six flags will hire seasonable jobs for kids as young as 14, 15, and older teenagers. The Six Flags employment center will likely put younger 14 and year-old teenagers on jobs like game operators, cleaning up around the park, restaurants, ice cream kiosks, guest services, among others duties. Six Flags seasonal employee benefits include free parking, bring a friend for free, and receive additional free tickets for family and friends.

Most towns will have alternative entertainment places that hire kids, including: Bowling centers — about 3, bowling centers in the US, per Bowling Proprietors Association of America Gaming and video arcades — approximately 4, arcades in the US Indoor skydiving centers Indoor water parks — the Midwest has several indoor and outdoor water parks Laser tag arenas Museums — over 35, museums in the US, according to Institute of Museum and Library Services Park Districts — Illinois has over alone.

Good place for first jobs for teens. Rock climbing centers — over climbing gyms, according to Climbing Magazine Trampoline parks Zoos — over 2, zoos in the US Call or visit your local venue to see what the minimum hiring age is to hire first-time jobs for teens. The park districts tend to be the first jobs for many teens. Expect to be paid minimum wage and work with kids of similar age. Select YMCA locations start hiring at 15 years old. Whatever the reason, it can be hard to find jobs that hire applicants under 18 years old, and especially difficult to find places that hire applicants under 16 years old.

Here is a list of places that hire at 15 or 14 years old. Labor Laws for Places That Hire at 14 Near Me Employers who have workers under 16 have to deal with a more stringent set of rules than those who only hire older people. These rules are very specific, though, so you can help your teen come up with some solutions for the problems these extra rules may cause before they even have an interview.

Some states will also require work permits or age certifications. There are a few exceptions to this rule. Most of which are either businesses that people under 14 or 15 years old start themselves, but the others are: Bonus Offer: Find a Checking Account that Fits Your Lifestyle.

Entertainment People of any age, including babies, can work as actors or performers in movies, plays, on the radio or TV. This includes singing and playing music as well. Delivery People under 14 are allowed to deliver newspapers to customers but to deliver other items, they need to be 14 years old or older. Make Your Money Work Better for You Agriculture The federal government does not have an age restriction for young people working in agriculture, but most states do.

Here are the restrictions on hours that young teens can work from FLSA, but states may have different rules. The Department of Labor has a chart for this as well. Minors 14 and 15 years old are allowed to work the following hours: Outside of school hours 40 hours or less during a non-school week 18 hours or less during a school week 8 hours or less during a non-school day 3 hours or less during a school day, including Friday Between 7 a.

As their guardian, you will know them best and know what they will be able to handle. Here are some other factors to consider while deciding if your 14 or year-old should get a job. Benefits To Working Young The biggest benefit of getting started working early in that time in the market will lead to better financial outcomes than timing the market. This is investing basics, so if your teen is interested in investing their pay, then that financial growth is a great point for letting them get to work.

Messing up and overspending at 15 years old is a lot easier to fix than doing it at Teens tend to have a high rate of job satisfaction. Certain students, apprentices, or people with disabilities might receive wages lower than the minimum in some cases.

This includes older teens as well. This is especially important if they need extra tutoring or want to participate in extracurriculars that can help them later. The most harrowing drawback is that some research has shown that as hours of work increase, grades may start slipping.

In some cases, teens began engaging in alcohol and drug use due to a seeming sense of independence and maturity that comes with working. Though, some think these risks may be mitigated by the home and work environments. Places That Hire at 14 Near Me Here is a list of places that have job ads up stating the minimum age of 14 years old at the time of writing this article. Grocery and Retail Stores Retail may feel like a rite of passage into the working world for some people.

These stores offer that option to young teens. Publix Publix is an employee-owned grocery store with 1, stores in the Southeastern United States.

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To see a detailed list of cookies, click here. Save preferences This site uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Then, you will need to give your report to the video game company so they can fix the game before it gets released. Learn More Virtual Assistant For year-olds that like a job that has a lot of variety, you can be a teenage virtual assistant. You will do a number of different tasks for someone that they might not have time for, such as answering emails, setting up appointments, and finding information online.

Learn More Voiceover Specialist As long as you can speak clearly, you can become a teenage voiceover specialist. You could do voices for cartoon characters, voiceovers on radio or TV commercials, or help to record audiobooks, and all from the comfort of your own home!

Learn More Web Designer If you have an eye for color and design, then you can become a teenage web designer. This job is an important part of creating a website as it lets the developer know where the images and text should go, what fonts to use, and what colors everything should be.

Learn More Web Developer A teenage web developer takes the ideas given to them by a designer and makes the website come to life. As a teenage website manager, you will need to keep the website updated, add new information and pages, and check that the website is working properly. You may also be expected to help with marketing and optimizing the website for search engines. Learn More YouTuber For year-olds that love being in front of a camera or else creating videos for others to watch, you can make money as a teenage YouTuber.

Learn More Summer Jobs For 15 Year Olds Artist To get started as a teenage artist, all it takes is a drive to create and a willingness to pursue your dreams to make money by selling your artwork. This is the perfect job for year-olds that are passionate about drawing or painting, and there are a variety of ways to make money as a teenage artist. You could sell commissioned artwork to family and friends, or you could go to art fairs! You may also need to feed them dinner and have them clean up their toys.

First, you need to perfect your baking skills. Learn More Bike Mechanic Just like cars, bikes need repairs and maintenance, which is why you can make money as a teenage bike mechanic. Once you know all that you need to know about fixing bikes and keeping them in good repair, then you can start advertising your business around the neighborhood, and soon, other teens and kids will start bringing their bikes to you to be repaired.

Learn More Car Detailer Just like cars, bikes need repairs and maintenance, which is why you can make money as a teenage bike mechanic. Learn More Car Washer A teenage car washer makes sure that everybody that brings a dirty car to them leaves with a clean car. Learn More Chef Although you might not be able to become a teenage chef just yet, you can certainly get your start by working as a line cook in a restaurant.

As a line cook, you will be responsible for helping the head chef prepare dishes. You might be chopping vegetables or cooking meat. You will not only be responsible for handling money, but you will also need to make sure that people get exactly what they want, and as quickly as possible.

This is a great job for year-olds that work well in a fast-paced environment. Learn More Farm Worker A teenage farm worker is something that knows enough about working around a farm to be given independent jobs. As a teenage farm worker, you could find yourself fixing fences, harvesting fields, helping take care of the cows and pigs, and more! A neighbor might need you to just do routine cleaning to keep their garage clean, or they could have you do some heavy lifting to help them go through a messy garage to get it organized and cleaned up.

Learn More Gift Basket Creator Being a teenage gift basket creator can be a lot of fun, especially for someone who is creative and likes to give people gifts. You will be responsible for coming up with ideas for themed gift baskets that other people will buy from you and then give as gifts.

You could do these just for special holidays, or work year-round to make gift baskets for birthdays and other celebrations, too! You might work in the clubhouse helping golfers with things, or go around the course to keep it clean. You might simply visit their house, or get to stay there. Some of the things you may do as a teenage landscaper include putting down mulch, trimming trees and bushes, raking leaves, watering garden beds, and planting flowers, trees, or bushes.

Learn More Lemonade Salesman Being a teenage lemonade salesman is as easy as making lemonade and selling it. You might simply be adding stage makeup so the audience in the theater can see the expressions during a live show, or you might get the chance to work on the set of a movie to transform someone into a monster. Learn More Mascot Being a teenage mascot is a fun way for year-olds to dress up in big, fun costumes and get people excited about something. Some teenage mascots can get paid to work at sports events where they cheer on one of the teams and encourage the audience to do the same, while others may help direct traffic for businesses by standing by the side of the road with a big sign.

You could even end up being a model for photographers or art students. The possibilities and opportunities for teenage models are endless! You will then be completely responsible for the pets, which includes feeding them, giving them water, letting them outside to go to the bathroom, grooming them, and giving them lots of attention. Learn More Plant Sitter Whether or not you like plants, it's easy for any year-old to get a job as a teenage plant sitter.

When someone goes on vacation, you can have them bring their plants to you, or go to their home as often as needed to take care of the plants in their home. You'll need to make sure the plants get enough water, sunlight, and fertilizer so they survive in your care. Learn More Pool Cleaner There's nothing better than spending the summer at the pool, especially if you're making money doing is as a teenage pool cleaner.

People who don't have time to take care of their own pools will hire you to not only use a net to catch the big things that fall in, but will also need you to use a special vacuum to clean the floor and sides of the pool. Shoe Shiner If you're looking for a job that's not physically demanding but will keep you busy year-round, then consider being a teenage shoe shiner.

As such, you'll help people keep their nice leather shoes looking shiny and new. Because shoes are always getting dirty again, this is a great job for year-olds because with even just a few clients, you can keep making money consistently. Learn More Water Salesman Any year-old can make money as a teenage water salesman.

Of course, the thirstier people you find, the more money you can make, which is why most teenage water salesmen look for big outdoor events during the summer where they can sell water to the people there. Learn More Winter Jobs For 15 year Olds Artist To get started as a teenage artist, all it takes is a drive to create and a willingness to pursue your dreams to make money by selling your artwork.

Learn More Car Snow Remover For year-olds that live in areas that get a lot of snow during the winter, you can find work as a teenage car snow remover. The best way to get started is before the first flakes hit the ground, when you can get a list of people together who will pay you to dig out their car every time it snows. Then, all you have to do is wait for a snow and start working.

Chef Although you might not be able to become a teenage chef just yet, you can certainly get your start by working as a line cook in a restaurant. Learn More Christmas Tree Remover After Christmas, many people need to remove their real Christmas trees, which is when you can make money as a teenage Christmas tree remover. They may have you help take all the ornaments off, and you might need to chop up the tree so that it will be taken.

This is a great way to make money around the holidays because of how many people have a number of gifts to wrap, but they may not have the time to do it. To make a lot of money as a teenage hot chocolate salesman, find some local winter festivals where there are lots of people looking for a delicious way to warm up.

Learn More Log Splitter For strong year-olds, the winter is a great time to make a lot of extra money as a teenage log splitter, especially if you live in an area where a lot of people rely on wood to keep their homes warm. Learn More Snow Shoveler It's a good thing you only have to work as a teenage snow shoveler when it snows, since this is a job that's very physically demanding.

However, if you're up for the task, you can also make a lot of money during the winter while doing it. You'll need to make sure that people's sidewalks and driveways are clear of snow and safe for people to walk on them. Learn More Soup Salesman Making a lot of soup is just as easy as making a little, so you can make money as a teenage soup salesman if you're willing to take the extra step of selling soup once you've made it.

Some teens that make money as teenage soup salesmen set up a subscription service where they deliver frozen soups to people every week while others go to winter festivals and set up a booth. Learn More Winter Clothes Creator If you can sew, knit, or crochet, you can become a teenage winter clothes creator.

Generally speaking, most of the entrepreneurial types of jobs and freelance jobs listed in the " Online Jobs " area are the highest paying.

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15 Year Old Jobs jobs hiring near me. Browse 15 Year Old Jobs jobs near me and apply online. Search 15 Year Old Jobs jobs to find your next 15 Year. Minimum Age 15 Years Old jobs hiring near me. Browse Minimum Age 15 Years Old jobs near me and apply online. Search Minimum Age 15 Years Old jobs to. Teen jobs available in Maumelle, AR on Apply to Cashier, Crew Member, Stocking Associate and more!